Easy Potatoes

Easy Potatoes

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 55 mins
  • Servings: 4-6
  • About This Recipe

    “Tired of mashed, baked and fried potatoes? Well I was. This recipe came to me through experimentation. I have taken this side dish to pot-lucks, various outings, and picnics and I am always asked for the recipe. Excellent side dish and VERY EASY to make. Hope you enjoy it too!”


  • 10mediumthin skin potatoes, well scrubbed
  • 1/2-1cupmargarine
  • 1largegreen pepper
  • 1largeonion
  • 1 (1 1/4 ounce) packages onion soup mix
  • Directions

  • Scrub potatoes and cut into 1 inch cubes.
  • Cut up onions and pepper (chunky).
  • Place stick of margarine into gallon-size zip lock bag and place in microwave until melted.
  • Add potatoes, green pepper, onions and onion soup mix in bag.
  • Mix throughly in bag.
  • Empty contents of bag into glass baking dish.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes or until potatoes are tender.
  • Reviews

  • “These “Easy Potatoes” were just that – easy and quick.My family enjoyed them.I sprinkled paprika over them before baking.I might also try them again with shredded cheddar cheese and/or hot chillies or a little cut up jalapeno for a change.”

  • “Great easy way to dress up potatoes.A real ‘put in the oven’ and forget til dinner is ready recipe.Enjoyed the taste of the green pepper with the onion soup mix. Cheers JenT:)”

  • “I modified based on pantryitem abailability – I loved the flavour of these potatoes based on my mods – two peeled 2″ peeled cubed russet potatoes, a tired looking yellow pepper and a tired looking medium cooking onion cubed roughly, a half packet of dry onion soup mix, a 1/4 packet of dry Knorr tomato vegetable soup mix, and glugged enough olive oil over the mixture to make it cook (about 1/4 cup).I used a 8 x 9″ glass dish and cooked it for appox 1 h 15 mins and shuffled the mixture about twice.Very yummy – it was served with grilled chimichuri marinated beef short ribs and broiled asparagus w/ steak spice and parmesan cheese – it was so so yummy!!!Thanks for the recipe idea!”

  • “YUM! we used 1/2 cup margarine and subbed jalepenos for the green pepper… Everyone loved the spicy potatoes! this one is a keeper :)”

  • “We LOVED this recipe!I had just put chicken in the oven & peeled about 3 small potatoes when I said to DH, “I wish I knew what to do with these potaotes.I’m so sick of fried & mashed.”He got The Look & said, “They’re not for the chicken recipe?”So I jumped on Zaar & here you are!Cj to the rescue!These were so easy & with ingredients already on hand.My only forced substitution was not having regular onion soup mix.I only had Beefy Onion flavor.But if it was still that good with chicken, I can’t wait to taste them with beef!I didn’t mind using the margarine, as DH accidentally bought me several boxes of margarine sticks instead of butter & I’ve been trying to use them up.I was down to 1/4 cup so I used that & filled in the rest with olive oil.I also had already peeled the potatoes but will leave the skin on next time.This was a hands-down family favorite for us.Thanks so much for sharing, Cj!I’ll be serving this at our next get-together.:)”

  • “These were very good, and super easy as the title claims.I used 1/2 cup of margarine and it was plenty, infact next time I might use a little less since they were swimming in it at the end lol.I melted the butter in a seperate dish and then poured it into a bag, mostly because I was paranoid about heating up the plastic bag and it possibly melting lol, but it worked out just fine that way.I cooked it for the 50 minutes stated and it was just right.I used red potatoes for this as they are our favorite.”

  • “VERY easy and VERY tasty! We thought that they were JUST a little salty – from the onion soup mix maybe. But nevertheless, we DID enjoy them! I also used olive oil instead of margarine, and only about 1/4 cup as we watch our fat intake! Made for Easy does it in the Photo’s Forum and very much enjoyed! Thanks! FT:-)”

  • “Very yummy!I melted the butter in the microwave and mixed everything up in a bowl rather than use a plastic bag.I also broiled the potatoes for a few minutes at the end to crisp them up a bit.”

  • “We loved these.I followed the recipe as written other then I used about seven potatoes. I also used one cup of frozen peppers and onions as I always keep them in the freezer. I used a stick of butter. We all really liked these. I made them on the grill. Will be making them often.”

  • “This was easy, yummy and will be a family favourite.the only thing I added was garlic, (I add that to almost everything!) Spot on!!!”

  • “I cut the recipe in half for the 3 of us and used a 2.5 quart, round dish instead of a 9×13 pan.Therefore, potatoes didn’t cook as quickly as recipe indicated so zapped in microwave.Potatoes tasted great w/our steak but might try adding red pepper for color and fresh mushrooms next time.Garlic might be good too.”

  • “This was pretty good.Very easy to make.”

  • “This really was an easy recipe to make.It was tasty also,a little too salty for me but I guess that’s because of the onion soup mix.I also left out the green pepper and onion.I found there was enough onion in the soup mix alone.Overall it was a tasty side dish. “

  • “Good title for this recipe, Cj!Served it for company and they all gave it a 5 star review!I didn’t change the ingredients at all (used the 1/2 cup of butter and it was enough).To make cleanup easier however, I plopped the butter into my 13×9 baking dish and stuck it in the oven while it was preheating.After the butter had melted, I added everything but the potatoes, mixed it well, then threw in the spuds and stirred again!No greasy bag to clean or throw out!Thanks again, Cj!M&Mers”