Electric Lemonade – Summer Neon Glitter Nail Polish – Glitter Nail Polish by OopsieDaisiesNails

9,00 USD

From the Tiki Bar Collection, Electric Lemonade is a clear based glitter polish with numerous shapes and sizes of intense, matte neon flashes. Colors consist of: pink, blue, green & yellow. Revealed is one coat over black.

Electric Lemonade Dish:

1 1/4 oz citrus vodka
1/2 oz orange liqueur
4 oz lemonade
1 tablespoon pureed strawberries

Blend with ice up until smooth; pour into glass and enjoy!

Complete size 15ml – Each bottle has 2 stainless steel balls.

Suggestion for application:
-With 2-3 coats to reach full opacity.
-Wait a minimum of a few minutes in between coats.
-Use leading coat to smooth out the manicure and include a glossy luster. I choose Out the Door however any fast dry top coat will certainly accelerate the process.

Item might settle throughout shipping, shake gently before use.

Picture of the bottle might not be color accurate, please see nail wheel and example photos for accurate color.

♥ Enjoy!

Thank you https://www.makeupwithdrawal.com/ for the picture!

Можно readily available at Etsy for OopsieDaisiesNails