Elephant Sri sukta Symbolic Of Royalty Charmed by rykasbeads

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The Sri sukta explains Sri as glorious, ornamented, royal, lustrous as gold, and radiant as fire, moon and the sun. She is addressed as the bestower of fame, bounty and abundance in the type of gold, cattle, horses and food; and entreated to banish her sibling alakshmi (bad luck), who is associated with requirement, cravings, thirst and poverty. The hymn also associates Sri with (agrarian) fertility and she is called the mom of Kardama (mud), wet, perceptible through odour, house in cowdung and producing abundant harvest.
The Sri Sukta utilizes the concepts of lotus (padma or kamala) and elephant (gaja) – signs that are consistently connected with the goddess Sri-Lakshmi in later references. The lotus is thought to be symbolic of purity, charm, spiritual power, life, fertility, growth or, in Tantra, the entire produced universe. It is a repeating concept in Hindu (along with Buddhist and Jain) literature and a lotus growing from Vishnu’s navel is stated to mark the start of a new cosmic production. The elephants are symbolic of royalty and, in Hindu mythology, are also related with cloud and rain; they thus enhance Sri-Lakshmi’s stature as the goddess of abundance and fertility

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