Falling Snow Holiday Martingale Dog Collar – 1.5 Inch – handsome festive red gray white Christmas winter by Jacqpot

15,00 USD

This good-looking collar functions red plaid cotton material sewn onto strong black webbing. Enhanced stitching, welded hardware, and fabric stabilizer make our collars durable and attractive! A perfect collar for the period!

XL – changes from 17 & quot; & quot;
to 24 & quot; Large-changes from 14 & quot; & quot; to 20 & quot; (Pictured)
Medium – changes from 11 & quot; & quot;
to 17 & quot; Small-changes from 8 & quot; & quot;
to 13 & quot; Available in 1.5 & quot; & quot; width.

Martingale collars are a buckleless dog collar. Initially designed for pet dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks, these collars have recently gained popularity to name a few breed owners. Many fitness instructors now advise them over choke chains or buckle collars. These are comfortable, affordable collars for great deals of big dogs, consisting of fighters, greyhounds, and labs!

All metal hardware is reinforced and under guarantee for one year.

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