flower child, art doll, mixed media assemblage, doll head ornament, handmade ornament, sun catcher, by Elizabeth Rosen by ElizabethRosenArt

78,00 USD

Crystal Flower Child (4)
There will be 6 in this long, beaded series. There are several in a more diminutive size to come also.

This art doll/ accessory is approximately 7 1/2 inches high not including the wire loop at the extremely top for hanging.

I created her using a harmed Bisque doll head over 100 years of ages. She is perfectly imperfect, and happy to have a brand-new life. I love the expression on her face.

The back of her head and neck are decorated with clear rhinestone strands and small clear glass beads with silver linings. Her face is framed by two over-sized vintage baguettes, with a smaller one at the center of her forhead.

The REST of her was made totally with parts and pieces of an antique chandelier I acquired at auction and took apart. Their is a cut glass orb at the top of her head, a glass flower at her neck then a second, larger flower consisted of 9 teardrop faceted crystals. These are elaborately wired in position, so you will feel a little give when you touch these.

There are more irregularly shaped hand-blown beads diminishing her ‘stem’. Another teardrop crystal completes her off at the bottom.

She catches light magnificently and is a treasure for all seasons!

Thank you for looking!

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