Flower Of Life Stencil, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Symbols, Mylar Stencil, Painting Stencil, pochoir, art supply stencil, hexagon, mandala by TheBeadSource

14,00 CAD

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry 5mil mylar stencil offered in sizes from 6 & quot; & quot; to 8 & quot;/ Traditional and ageless hexagon design found in Ancient Egypt and the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci

you will like creating with this design, use for painting on wood, canvas, materials. ideal for developing crystal grids and manifestation meditations

accuracy cut for you on recyclable Duralar, a high performance 5mil clear polyester movie/ 5mil =.005 & quot;

& quot; ** More magnificent stencils for your imaginative jobs **

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* stencils are delivered flat in a stiff mailer *

~ Metric Conversions ~
.25 & quot; & quot
; = 7mm.50 & quot; = 12mm.75 & quot
; = 19mm 1.0 & quot; =25mm Можно purchase on Etsy for TheBeadSource