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12,00 USD

Edible Pearls in white or ivory – made from fondant, delicious and lovely! Ivory is displayed in the last picture. The white pearls are revealed in pictures 1-3. If you need a lighter shade of ivory than exactly what is revealed simply let me know when you place your order. With the exception of white, all colors can be lightened or darkened some.

All pearls are made with colors that are US Certified Food Colors and are made in the UNITED STATE
Fondant and colors are likewise Kosher Certified by the CRC.

Why would you wish to utilize fondant pearls? Well truthfully when I initially started making them I had a few personal goals in mind. First they needed to look as real as possible. I desired bling … shine and appeal, not some slightly pearly looking tough sugar pearls. Secondly, I wished to be able to put them on my cake and not need to eliminate them before serving it. They needed to be soft adequate to consume with the cake, not some tough crispy thing people could break a tooth on. And as any individual that has cut a wedding cake will concur … cutting a huge cake can be demanding, sometimes you can not cut quick enough for all those starving guests so not having to get rid of stuff is a BIG plus. And lastly the pearls had to match the cake’s taste and not remove from it.

So to sum all this up … these pearls are soft, made with a terrific tasting vanilla fondant, and are stunningly gorgeous. They are the perfect addition to any special treat.

The number of will you get per purchase?
100 + pearls … I include a few additional for excellent procedure or for taste screening!

They will certainly arrive in a plastic container. Keep them in this till you are all set to utilize them otherwise if they are exposed to air they will solidify after a couple of weeks. They keep very well at living room temperature. Do not freeze or refrigerate the pearls as this will certainly condensation and cause them to stick in the container. If they are already on a cake that is being saved in a fridge or freezer then that’s okay. No issues there.

Due to the fact that the pearls are handmade kindly permit 7 days lead time. The default shipping is USPS concern mail, added shipping techniques are offered for an additional charge.

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