Fournier Bastide Burlap Grain Lentil Flour sack Authentic Vintage French by simplyfrenchvintage

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This is among the initial ‘Puy Lentil’ sacks that have actually influenced the trend for embellishing with burlap. Five years ago I found about 300 of these sacks, most of which I offered onto a fabric dealer in the United States. One of these sacks was framed and sold in Hollywood for $ 2000! This sack is much demanded and it is considered to be a collectors item.

We have actually been fortunate enough to recently acquire some more of these sacks from a gentleman living near Puy en Velay in the Auvergne area of main France. His grandfather worked for the Fournier Bastide company. The family have stored these sacks for more than 50 years.

This burlap sack is for you if you like vintage sacks in ‘as brand-new’ condition. It has barely been made use of and it has no darns. The burlap is a nutty walnut color and the black print is clear and not faded.

There are no holes or stains. You will see that the sack has actually been fixed along the bottom of the best fold (see image 4). There is likewise a split along the top of the ideal fold.

This sack is an initial grain sack and not a reproduction. I have actually shaken out any residues of puy lentils that remained within.

The shipping expense consists of tracking and insurance coverage.

The dimensions of this sack are:

Height: 46 & quot; & quot;(approx )Width: 26 & quot; & quot; (approx)
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