FP Lets Move: Wellness Guru, Nitsa Citrine

Meet a woman with real superpowers… and countless good intentions for 2017!

Nitsa Citrine, one of our LA FP Lets Move wellness instructors, describes herself as an interdisciplinary alchemist. “(It was)…kind of as a joke, but I love this description. As an artist, photographer, lover of tea and tonic herbs and our planet Earth, I thrill in uniting these worlds through my work… which is essentially what alchemy is all about — a union of elements.”

She grew up in the fantastically beautiful land of Big Sur, on the California coast and currently resides in the equally gorgeous Santa Barbara. Nitsa is the epitome of “woman on the go,” working at transformational and organic foods powerhouse Sun Potion, and also in the midst of launching a very special personal project. “My schedule is pretty flexible… and all over the place! My typical morning — waking up, pouring myself a few rounds of tea, then making a tonic herbal potion. If I am home in Santa Barbara, I tend to work mostly from my house, so the days are pretty quiet. I may not even see anyone. Otherwise, if I am traveling or working, I can be found shooting photos (these days filled with amazing women for a new project!), spending time in nature or geeking out over high vibe food and art.”

Nitsa shares her story, tips, and a wonderful recipe in the interview below.

How would you describe your philosophy about living well?

To me, living well is about listening to the body, finding pleasure in all forms of nourishment, being aware of what inspires us and following it!

What is one superfood you can’t live without?


Do you mind sharing one of your beauty or wellness secrets?

Drinking plenty of alkaline and spring water.

Can you tell us about the recipe you have made for us?

It’s called Pine Pollen Aphrodisiac… a golden, effervescent elixir to activate the brain and creative energy. Serves two.

1 tsp Sun Potion Pine Pollen
1/2 tsp Sun Potion Rhodiola
1 lime, sliced
1 oz fresh pressed ginger
1 oz fresh pressed turmeric
8 oz jun, kombucha or sparkling beverage of choice

Pull out your favorite wine or cocktail glasses, add the pine pollen and rhodiola.
Pour in the kombucha and let it bubble up.
Add ginger and turmeric juice.
Squeeze lime to taste.
Garnish with lime.
Serve with love.

You just started a phenomenal new project called Women With Superpowers — can you tell us about it?

I am thrilled about Women With Super Powers! It started just over a month ago as a photos series celebrating the Feminine as Artist, Activist, and Healer, a project I began with my friend Tasya van Ree, which is now evolving into a larger, multi-media/multi-dimensional platform we intend to use to empower women — all ages, all backgrounds — everywhere!

It is such a delight and honor to get to work with Tasya and weave this diversity of creative and powerful beings into the project… I love how simply asking the question “what is your Super Power ?” invites one into a fantastical state — gives us permission to recognize our magic powers — and how we can find a deep reserve of strength in that. These past several weeks of shooting have felt positively electric, I am genuinely SO excited to see how it all unfolds!! @womenwithsuperpowers !

Do you think that living well and creativity are related?

Yes! For my experience, living and creating are completely intertwined. To feel healthy, happy, and inspired is the ideal state.
This being said, I do feel that “to live well” is subjective to the individual… for me, living well is getting enough sleep, nourishing myself with beautiful whole, organic foods and tonic herbs, cooking as much of my own food as I can but also enjoying moments when other people feed me or eating out, spending time with people I love and also spending ample time in solitude and nature….. and work. I love to feel activated, focused and productive!

How/where/from whom do you pull inspiration?

Nature, architecture, women, men, beautiful food…. art… film… clothes.. beautiful experiences… poetry…. natural rhythms of being… travel!

A lot of people are setting intentions this time of year… what are you hoping for in the new year?

My intention for 2017 is to be of service to my community — as a creative being and in business — and to radiate and grow in Love.

What is one thing you would tell someone who is trying to live a healthier, more joyful and nourishing 2017?

Hmmm… this is a great question. I would like to encourage everyone — myself included — to practice more self-love and self-care! I feel this is so important in the journey toward health and happiness….taking the time to understand, honor, appreciate and nurture ourselves… however that may present itself for each individual. (I specifically want to take more baths in 2017 — complete with essential oils, magnesium, and loads of mineral + epsom salts!)

FP Lets Move: Wellness Guru, Nitsa Citrine FP Lets Move: Wellness Guru, Nitsa Citrine FP Lets Move: Wellness Guru, Nitsa Citrine FP Lets Move: Wellness Guru, Nitsa Citrine FP Lets Move: Wellness Guru, Nitsa Citrine

FP Lets Move: Wellness Guru, Nitsa Citrine
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