FP Me Takes Richmond


FP Me Takes Richmond

What happens when you combine 10 FP Me girls, 2 store employees, and a gorgeous hillside setting in the rolling Virginia mountains? The answer, of course, is pure magic.

This was my first time participating in an FP Me event, and it couldn’t have been more incredible. Rising with the morning light, we headed over to Free People Richmond to meet up with the FP Me girls who would be our muses for the day. It’s always inspiring to step over the threshold of a Free People store, even more-so when it’s filled with kind-hearted, passionate people who all share such an incredible eye for personal style. Clothes flew off the shelves in a flurry of excitement, and before you could blink, the gorgeous outfits that you see within this post were assembled. Eventually it came time to bid the store goodbye, and we all piled into the bus that would ferry us to our destination: Graves Mountain Lodge.

Tucked away in the mountains of Virginia, Graves Mountain Lodge is a welcome sight for a girl from the country was well as a photographer’s dream. There would be no shortage of photo opportunities on this day, between horseback riding, apple picking, and a picnic beneath the shade of an old willow, the pictures practically took themselves. We walked from the lodge over to the farm, where our group split up, some destined for the stables, and the others on course for sun-soaked orchards filled with the ripest apples you could imagine. All too soon it was time to head back to the city, but not before a hayride lead by a tractor-loving farm dog (really) and a stop at the sunflower field. Because a day on the farm isn’t complete without a stroll through a field of flowers. As we piled back onto our bus, apple-filled baskets in hand, we pointed our compass in the direction of Free People Richmond once again, this time with big plans for the autumnal fruit picked throughout the day. Those apples would soon be making a second appearance, transformed into the kind of dish that dreams are made of. But that’s another post for another day…

It was a gorgeous afternoon filled with some incredible girls. Check out their looks below, and be sure to follow them all on FP Me, I can guarantee you’ll be just as inspired as I was.

Get the look: Washed Denim OverallWe the Free Lace Up LayeringKnubby Cuff BeanieBangkok TeeExtended Brim Clipperton.

Follow Alexis, Leslie, and Olivia on FP Me.

Get the look: Galloon Lace RacerbackSwing Peasant BlouseSueded Sateen Zip SkinnyShield Layered Necklace.

Follow Olivia on FP Me

Get the look: Shaggy Wrap Ruana.

Get the look: Extended Brim ClippertonStrappy Tattered Ruffle TunicCaged Stone Cuff.

Follow Terisa on FP Me.

Get the look: Tattered Up Shred SlipWe The Free Melody TeeFlying Ranch Ankle Boot.

Follow Daniella on FP Me.

Get the look: Secret Origins Pieced Lace TunicExtended Brim ClippertonHi Lo Collar Pendant.

Follow Jules on Fp Me.

Get the look: Always Alright PulloverExtended Brim Clipperton, Hi Lo Collar Pendant.

Get the look: Thick and Thin Stripe Cowl Neck, Mountaineer SkortStyle-Nine Ankle BootCapsule Slouchy BeanieFray Pointelle Over the Knee.

Get the look: Strappy Tattered Ruffle TunicWoodman Plaid ShirtExaggerated Fringe CollarLace ShortiePioneer Thigh HiLandry Tall Boot.

Follow Liz on FP Me.

Get the look: FP One Hallowed Hill Pullover.

Follow Taylor on FP Me.

Get the look: Boucle Stripe BeanieLost in Austin TopDestroyed Ankle SkinnySuede Fringe Collar.

Follow Meredith on FP Me.

Get the look: Washed Denim OverallWe the Free Lace Up LayeringKnubby Cuff BeanieStrappy Front Bra.

Follow Alexis on FP Me.

Get the looks: Juliet Lattice SlipWestern Detail ButtondownSeamless MiniCaravel Thigh HiManchester Tall BootVictoria Mini DressWardell Distressed HatEmbroidered Babydoll Slip.

Follow Brittany, Alyssa, and Jamie on FP Me

Get the look: Victoria Mini Dress, Woodman Plaid Shirt.

Follow Chase on FP Me.

Get the look: Galloon Lace RacerbackJuliet Lattice SlipWestern Detail ButtondownSeamless MiniCaravel Thigh HiManchester Tall BootStone Tassel Bolo.

Follow Brittany on FP Me.

Get the look: Myna HeadbandJasper Midi Dress.

Get the look: Draped in Plaid ShirtVictoria Mini DressWardell Distressed Hat.

Follow Alyssa on FP Me.Get the look: Reign Over Me Lace DressExtended Brim ClippertonBraided Harness Belt

Follow Leslie on FP Me.

Get the look: Hallowed Hill PulloverJackson Harness Vest.

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