Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30

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November 22–December 21

Be willing to tweak what you’re doing this week to accommodate the resources that you’re working with. As long as you’re not too fixated on one course of action, you should be fine. Venus in Sagittarius is clicking with impromptu Uranus in your joy sector, hinting at spontaneous fun. A chance to play or express your creativity is likely to pop up, and a romantic opportunity may also arise. Embrace the unexpected. Your private thoughts are probably more serious, however, with Mercury and Saturn meeting up in the last house of your chart. Self-reflection and solo research or study will be constructive, so grab alone time when you can. You may need solitude to get closure on something. Once Mercury enters your sign later in the week, you’ll feel more talkative. Both Merc and the sun are clashing with Neptune, so your energy and thinking may contrast somewhat with a subtler underlying mood. Family, home life, memories or old feelings could be at the root of it. If you’re confused or tired, try taking a day off.



December 22–January 19

Given the disagreement between Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in your sharing zone this week, you may have a hard time aligning your actions with what you hope to get from others. Flexibility is key. With Mercury joining your ruler Saturn, this is a good time to formulate a plan to reach a new goal, speak with a sense of authority to a group, have a serious talk with a friend or network to advance your career. After that, Mercury segues into your subliminal sector and quarrels with Neptune in your cognition-and-communication house. Your intuition may not mesh with your more conscious mindset, and that could create confusion that comes across in what you say. If you’re not sure what to think, it’s probably best to stay quiet and observe. Even though Mars is firing you up, the sun, Mercury and Venus are all lagging behind in your seclusion-and-spirituality zone, calling for you to get enough rest and heed the call of your soul. Releasing an old desire could be incredibly liberating on an emotional level now.



January 20–February 18

Unconscious behavior connected to your expectations of someone could cause a problem this week, so try to be aware of any anger lurking in your psyche. You might feel like you’re not getting credit for what you’re doing and you’re hoping to be rewarded. Adjust your attitude rather than waiting for another person to change. Mercury and Saturn are conjunct at the top of your chart, so this is a good time for making professional plans, having a well-calculated talk with a parent or boss and thinking seriously about taking on a role that requires responsibility. Mercury skips into your group zone later in the week, joining the sun there. Both of these planets are quarreling with Neptune in your worth house, suggesting that shaky self-esteem could affect your ability to fit well with others, iffy funds could make it harder to socialize and your values may clash with those around you. A Venus-Uranus confab indicates that an open mind, a healthy dose of detachment—and perhaps a brief escape—will help you enjoy yourself.



February 19–March 20

Due to a Mars-Jupiter dustup in your group and duties houses, you may need to change social plans early in the week if you have too much that needs to get done. A Mercury-Saturn meeting suggests you’re working hard to understand or learn something—or travel may be restricted or delayed. Patience and perseverance are the answer. Then Mercury moves on to your ambition-and-authority angle and quarrels with Neptune in Pisces, something the sun is also doing. You could experience discord with a boss or parent at this time, perhaps feeling like they don’t see you or don’t get you. The end result may be confusion or disappointment on your part. Don’t be discouraged. With the planets gathering at the top of your chart, you should keep a high profile and stay focused on your goals. A Venus-Uranus collaboration hints that you’re likelier to put out positive energy and attract what you want if you’re willing to step away from what you don’t need, change the resources you’re working with and be flexible about priorities and finances.



March 21–April 19

Working toward a goal may conflict with fun or burgeoning creativity and romance this week when Mars in your ambition angle spars with Jupiter in your joy sector, so you’ll probably need to adjust your approach or your expectations. A Mercury-Saturn meetup calls for serious thought or talk concerning personal transformation, research, closeness, trust, money or a psychological issue. Drill down until you get to the core of the matter. Mercury subsequently moves into your expansion zone, lightening the mood. Both Merc and the sun are struggling with Neptune in the last house of your chart, making it harder for you to turn your thoughts and energy to the future when subtle fear, wistfulness or a feeling of emptiness surfaces from your subconscious. A sort of spiritual angst has you searching for answers, and intellect may battle intuition now. Devise ways to create more meaning in your life, especially if you’re feeling disconnected. Find love and beauty in places you haven’t looked before. Develop your own definition of happiness. As you change, what fulfills you changes.



April 20–May 20

Your push to get out of your routine and broaden your horizons could be at odds with your hope for peace, comfort and security this week when Mars and Jupiter clash. Maybe part of you wants to travel and part of you wants to stay home, and there’s no perfect answer. You need to turn your attention to relationships when Mercury and Saturn come together in your others angle, calling for mature communication and serious consideration of your agreements—spoken and unspoken—with people close to you. After Mercury enters your sharing sector, both Merc and the sun have trouble with Neptune in your network house. A personal relationship may be at odds with group socializing or friendship. Or you might feel disillusioned with people, making closeness and trust difficult. If you don’t share the same ideals as those around you, a sense of alienation could set in. Steal one-on-one time with a loved one, confide in someone, sneak off alone or follow a harmless subversive impulse. And select idiosyncrasies to appreciate in yourself and others.



May 21–June 20

Your words may not match your actions in connection with a particular person this week, thanks to a Mars-Jupiter disconnect, so watch for any disparity and correct it if you can. When Mercury runs into Saturn, you may feel like you’ve hit a mental block, but if you concentrate, this can be a good time for critical thinking, learning a skill, going over the details of a plan or deciding how you’ll improve your health, fitness, diet, job situation, daily routine or productivity. Be careful not to nitpick at work, though. After Mercury crosses your relationship angle, one-on-one communication becomes ever more important. Merc and the sun are clashing with Neptune, however, which could make it harder to talk about goals or to express yourself clearly to a parent or boss, and you may end up feeling confused or misunderstood. Seeing friends or hanging out in another group is apt to be enjoyable, and you might have the unexpected pleasure of meeting someone new and different with whom you’ll get along nicely.



June 21–July 22

Someone’s behavior may not live up to your expectations this week, but you need to get past it and focus on your own self-expression and fulfillment. Although you might feel inhibited, a weighty talk about love or happiness could prove fruitful. Take your creativity seriously and work on fitting more pure pleasure into your life. With sobering Saturn in your joy sector, you’ve learned how to work for pleasure, love, creativity and happiness. Planets in your duties house are fighting with Neptune in your expansion zone, hinting that you yearn to spread your wings, transcend your day-to-day reality and envision an ideal future—but responsibilities in the here and now are threatening to keep you earthbound. If a lot of your time, attention and energy is tied up in taking care of mandatory business, it may be difficult to square that with the freedom and growth you’re aiming for. Knowing that your life direction is changing and opportunities will arise unexpectedly can help you to be okay with where you are at this point in your life.



July 23–August 22

Some of the things you need to do this week won’t be as stimulating as you’d like, so it would be a good idea to adjust your expectations. Mars in your duties house is arguing with Jupiter in Leo, and although doing the work in front of you might not be particularly exciting, it does feel great to cross stuff off your to-do list. You may be focused on the past, your family, your living situation or private emotions, and it’s an appropriate time to think through a related issue or talk about it, perhaps with a parent or roommate. When the sun and Mercury feud with Neptune, you could become confused over a relationship or find that the closeness you long for is elusive. Expressing yourself creatively, romantically or playfully may not get the desired results, but be you regardless. If you look at everything from a radically different angle, you may find that you’re not getting what you assumed you wanted, but you are getting what you’re beginning to want.



August 23–September 22

Something you’re doing to enjoy yourself this week may not be quite as fulfilling as you hope, thanks to a Mars-Jupiter disagreement, and it will help to become aware of your subconscious expectations so you can dial them down a bit. With Mercury conjoining Saturn in your cognition-and-communication house, the gradual change in your way of thinking over the course of the past two years is highlighted. You could find yourself speaking to a sibling in a different way or looking at your environment through a more mature lens. Even though you might not feel very talkative, speaking your truth with conviction is bound to be worth the effort. When Mercury moves into your emotions angle, your thoughts turn toward family, the past, your living situation or your innermost feelings, and quiet reflection would be in order. If you try to express these thoughts to someone else, though, you might not feel understood. But you’ll probably experience moments of spontaneous closeness and ease when Venus and Uranus click, so take it as it comes.



September 23–October 22

Home life or family may not mesh easily with socializing or friendship this week when Mars and Jupiter tussle in your domestic and group zones, and you may have to compromise. A meeting between Mercury and Saturn calls for you to devote some thought to your finances, possessions, values, priorities, self-worth, material needs or resources and be realistic in your assessment. It’s not fun, but it is necessary to get a handle on this issue now. When Mercury skips into your cognition-and-communication sector, where the sun and Venus are already hanging, your mind gets even busier. Social contact, siblings, travel, conversation, writing and intellectual pursuits are in the spotlight. But information overload, mental multitasking and too many distractions could make it hard to think straight—and you may be confused over what needs to get done when. Fortunately, Venus is syncing up with carefree Uranus in your relationship angle, making it likely that you’ll connect with people spontaneously and lightheartedly. Plus you might really enjoy talking to someone new and very different from you.



October 23–November 21

With Mars in your mindset zone, you’re thinking energetically, but when Mars clashes with Jupiter this week, you’ll probably need to adjust your attitude or tone if you can’t pursue everything you want to just yet. Mercury and Saturn are joining forces in Scorpio, suggesting that now’s a good time to reflect on the major personal growth you’ve experienced in the past two years. Consider journaling about everything you’ve learned about yourself and the hard work you’ve put in to hone a more authentic identity and to live life on your own terms. Despite the private nature of this process and your serious mood, you may be inclined to verbalize some of this, and you’re apt to express yourself with gravitas. Planets in your worth zone are squabbling with Neptune in your joy sector, so your finances, confidence or values could conflict with your ideal of fun, love, creative fulfillment or happiness. But a Venus-Uranus hookup implies getting what you want and valuing yourself are tied to continually changing the things in your life that aren’t working.

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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30 Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30 Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30 Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30 Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 24–30
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