Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 21–27

Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 21–27

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July 23–August 22

Last week, you had the good fortune of welcoming beneficent Jupiter into your sign. This week, the sun enters Leo and then links up with Jupiter a couple of days later, providing a surge of positive energy. And two days after that, a new moon aligns with them, launching your personal New Year on a high note. You almost couldn’t ask for a nicer fresh start! Your emotions, drive and faith are aligned, so now is the perfect time to set your intentions. Between 6:42 pm EDT on Saturday the 26th and 11:37 pm EDT on Monday the 28th, spend some time alone contemplating what you want out of your year. Who were you put here to be? What were you meant to offer the world? How will you go about fulfilling your purpose? Don’t simply drift along on your journey. Steer by the compass of your soul. Make the choice to dedicate your efforts to self-actualization, with significant help from Jupiter in the coming months. Writing things down in this new moon phase will help to concretize your hopes.



August 23–September 22

With Mercury in your group zone running into trouble with heavyweights Pluto and Uranus this week, the potential for conflict with friends is there. Since Pluto is in your love sector and Uranus is in your intimacy house, you might have difficulty with someone quite close to you. Mercury is a mental planet, so groupthink could be at the heart of the problem, perhaps conflicting with romance, sex, creativity or self-expression of some kind. Fortunately, Merc is harmonizing with no-nonsense Saturn in your thought-and-speech zone, making it much easier for you to think and talk your way through any rough patch. If you’re careful not to be too critical or negative, you can learn something from others at a time like this. Consider your attitude and way of thinking to be works in progress, so you don’t get too stuck in a habitual mindset. Mars is entering this house at the end of the week and hanging there for the next couple of months, inducing you to assert your ideas rather vehemently. Find intellectual tasks that are worth your energy.



September 23–October 22

When Venus gels with Neptune this week, you could receive positive recognition for being of service to others. The more aligned your efforts are with your highest spiritual values, the better the chance that you’ll feel truly satisfied and appreciated. A professional dream or health goal seems within your reach now. Being around lots of people will give you energy and inspiration, due to a rendezvous between the sun and Jupiter in your humanity zone, so the social butterfly in you should take over and make plenty of plans. You might also want to consider joining an organization that’s connected with a particular goal or interest of yours. As Mars finally leaves Libra after seven months, he settles into your worth zone for the next seven weeks. You’ve been striving to further your own agenda, and now it’s time to get down to brass tacks and face the reality of your resources. Devote your efforts to dealing with finances or possessions, and make a point of sorting out your priorities, making sure they’re rooted in core values.



October 23–November 21

The intensity of an opinion could get you into hot water this week, with verbal Mercury in your beliefs house opposing your ruler Pluto in your communication sector. But Mercury is also clicking with Saturn in your sign, helping you to rein the ego in and express yourself with restraint. You may not experience any interpersonal conflict, in which case the tension is apt to play out in your head. Maybe you’re struggling with thoughts about the future and attempting to be optimistic, but you’re dissatisfied with the current reality of everyday life and overwhelmed by the powerful force within you that is pushing you to keep transforming. You may have a nice chance to shine now, thanks to the sun, moon and Jupiter coming together at the top of your chart. And with Mars entering Scorpio after seven months in your subliminal sector, you’ll finally start to feel like you’re working for—not against—yourself. In the next seven weeks, your physical energy should increase and you’ll be more capable of showing the world what you can do.



November 22–December 21

When the sun changes signs this week, it moves into the house in your chart that’s naturally connected with Sag—the same house that Jupiter entered last week. Soon after, the sun and Jupiter will link up, and later, the sun and moon come together—symbolizing a new beginning. Even though all of this may be affecting Leos more directly, you’ll relate to the themes that are at play. If you want to broaden your horizons in the coming year, resolve to take a trip, learn something new, meet people far outside your familiar circle, explore a different belief system and seek experiences that change you. You need to get beyond your current comfort zone and break up your routine. With Mars sneaking into your seclusion sector for the next couple of months, you’ll be working behind the scenes more and could feel frustrated if you’re not getting credit for your efforts. It’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot when Mars is in this house, so try to be extra conscious of your intentions and behavior.



December 22–January 19

Mercury in your relationship angle faces off with Pluto in your sign this week, introducing the possibility of a verbal conflict. Despite the fact that Mercury doesn’t stand a chance of dominating Pluto, instead of trying to win an argument, see if dialogue can help you to grow in some way. The intellectual stimulation of an alternate viewpoint won’t do you any harm, and it might even do you some good. Mercury and your ruler Saturn form a cooperative angle later in the week, suggesting that you can get on the same page with others without much effort. You could also make a useful professional contact at this time, so keep the lines of communication open. As Mars enters your hopes-and-humanity zone after seven months in your ambition angle, start directing more energy toward teamwork, new goals, networking, friendships and philanthropy. The sun, the moon and Jupiter are coming together in your depth sector, boosting your faith in close, trusting relationships and perhaps getting you to dig deeper into a research project or your own psyche.



January 20–February 18

Uranus turns retrograde this week, giving your mind a chance to calm down and sift through the plethora of ideas it’s generated lately. If you haven’t been brainstorming, then maybe you’ve made yourself anxious trying to wrap your head around too many hypotheticals concerning your future. Slow down and ground your thinking so that ingenuity has a chance to trump chaos. You’re becoming more aware of what’s dissatisfying in your life; now pause and ponder what changes will have staying power. With mental Mercury at odds with Uranus, you could fall into the trap of criticizing your outside-the-box thinking. Try to accept that nothing you do to change your life will lead to perfection, and yet, by no means is that an argument in favor of the status quo. The sun, the moon and Jupiter are rendezvousing in your partnership angle, so a close relationship or a new bond could boost your faith and your energy. And Mars is climbing to the top of your chart, nudging you to pursue your goals with vigor in the next two months.



February 19–March 20

A harmonious angle between lovely Venus in your fulfillment zone and dreamy Neptune in your sign this week hints at creativity, romance, play, joy, children and humor. With this type of angle, it’s easy to miss out on a positive opportunity by being passive, so meet happiness halfway. When there’s a flow, we tend not to notice and become too complacent to get the most out of the situation. It may only add up to a fun day or a beautiful moment, but grab it and run with it. The supercharged sun is heading into your efficiency house for the next month, giving you energy for self-improvement projects such as a job search, a skills upgrade, a habits overhaul, a fitness regimen or a health tune-up. Make some sort of fresh start that will help you function better from day to day. Mars entering your exploration sector provides the impetus to expand your mind through travel, education, meeting new people and embracing new experiences. Your boldness, courage and drive for freedom should increase in the next couple of months.



March 21–April 19

Uranus has been in Aries for the past few years, filling you with anticipation, adventurousness and a sense of the myriad possibilities that lie before you. At the same time, this chaotic planet has unsettled you and pointed to areas of dissatisfaction. Feelings of anxiety and instability should ease after Uranus goes retrograde this week, giving you five months to ground yourself internally and explore your unknown potential. The pace of change is apt to slow, so you’ll be able to test out options in your mind. With pensive Mercury in your emotions angle battling Uranus, your private thoughts may not line up easily with an urge for freedom. But the sun’s meeting with Jupiter in your self-expression zone will give you an ideal outlet to be yourself and reach for what makes you happy. Your ruler Mars is finally on the move; after seven months in your relationship house, he’s heading into your depth sector—pushing you to bravely welcome the intensity of closeness or confront something in your psyche that needs to be transformed.



April 20–May 20

Make a point of being around people this week, as your ruling planet, amiable Venus, is in your communication house and clicking with merging Neptune in your group zone. The feeling of connectedness that you’ve longed for won’t be so elusive now. You’re likely to see the beauty in humanity and experience harmony in your encounters with others. It’s nice to get along with people, but such positive interactions are also important for their ability to reinforce a positive mindset and an appreciation of relationships. With the sun and Jupiter coming together at the bottom of your chart, hopefully you’ll have an underlying feeling of security and well-being. You may be extra focused on home and family. Knowing who you are and where you’re coming from emotionally takes precedence for the moment over where you’re headed. With Mars crossing your relationship angle, your bonds with others are further emphasized. For the next seven weeks, find healthy ways to cooperate with someone, form a partnership, assert yourself and work through conflicts.



May 21–June 20

With your ruling planet Mercury facing off against dominant Pluto in your sharing sector this week, it would be all too easy to get pulled into a power struggle or a disagreement connected with money, possessions, trust or jealousy. Merc is also at odds with disruptive Uranus in your group zone, increasing the chances of a conflict with friends or colleagues. You can probably avoid such difficulties if you keep your mind on your own concerns and don’t project your issues onto other people. Try to do some constructive thinking about your finances, talents, resources, self-worth, job, health, fitness, productivity or habits—and make a plan to improve one of these areas. With Mars moving into your efficiency house, it’s time to do the work. Coming to grips with something that needs fixing will make you less likely to get irritated with others. The sun and the moon are aligned with Jupiter in your thought-and-speech zone, gifting you with a positive mindset, invigorating interactions and inspired ideas.



June 21–July 22

Mercury in Cancer tangles with two other planets this week and clicks with another, providing some minor ups and downs. If a problem arises, it will likely be connected to your line of thinking or your words. Pluto in your relationship angle and Uranus in your authority zone are the culprits, so you may get into a disagreement with a close friend, your significant other, your boss or your parent. Try not to take a difference of opinion personally. Whether you experience an open conflict, a feeling of tension between you and someone else or uncertainty in your own head, use it to fill out your point of view. It may also be time to think about a particular relationship or goal. Thanks to a Mercury-Saturn meetup, you’ll be able to express yourself creatively, maturely, responsibly, romantically, wittily and authentically now. Your confidence should be high, with the sun and Jupiter together in your worth house. When the moon joins them, set a new course in terms of your self-esteem, finances, possessions or priorities.

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