Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of September 15–21

Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of September 15–21

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August 23–September 22

Venus in Virgo interacts with three other planets this week, which will have an impact on your own interactions. Her presence is making you receptive, pleasant and agreeable, and she’s also enhancing your attractiveness and ability to get what you want. Her struggles with Jupiter and Uranus hint that your unconscious expectations and the ins and outs of sharing your life with someone or depending on another person will affect your contentment. If something feels off, recognize that people are unlikely to read your mind and then give you exactly what you want. Be honest and direct in communicating your desires. A Mars-Neptune dust up suggests emotions you’re not fully aware of could color your exchanges with others, creating confusion or disappointment. Try to get to the bottom of what you’re feeling so you can understand what role you play in relationship dynamics.




September 23–October 22

With Venus tucked away in your seclusion sector, you’re probably feeling less outgoing than usual. This week, she holds awkward meetings with Jupiter in your group house and Uranus in your relationship angle, implying that you may not be inclined to meet social obligations, rise to the occasion with friends or go along with someone’s spontaneity. Venus’s harmony with Saturn in your worth zone means you’d do well to link your priorities, values, finances and self-esteem with your desires. So whatever matters most to you, reflects who you are, is within your budget and makes you feel good about yourself should be your guide. You’re likely to treasure alone time now, which bumps people-pleasing down a notch. Mars and Neptune are tussling with each other, so asserting yourself verbally and coming up with a plan of action may yield murky results, but don’t give up.




October 23–November 21

Mars just left your sign, moving into your worth house and prodding you to be resourceful. This is an appropriate time to deal with financial matters and possessions, perhaps drumming up more money-making work and getting rid of stuff you don’t need. Avoid impulse spending, especially if it’s motivated by an ideal of what will bring you pleasure. Neptune in your joy sector is feuding with Mars, making it difficult to discern if an acquisition will really offer lasting satisfaction. You may take action based on your values, priorities and confidence this week, but end up a bit confused over what will fulfill you. Momentary doubt is to be expected. Try to find a happy medium between forcing the issue and caving in. Your schedule and goals are apt to interfere with your social life, but being around people who share your interests will help you to further define yourself.




November 22–December 21

Mars—the doer planet—just went into your sign and will hang there until late October, increasing your energy, assertiveness and determination. This is a good time to work independently, since you’ll be adept at furthering your own agenda but may come on too strong in a collaborative effort. You need the freedom to affirm your individuality and to do what suits you. Work hard on things you’re passionate about, and if you feel like you’re in overdrive, channel excess energy into physical activities. Exercise can prevent you from blowing a fuse. When Mars conflicts with Neptune this week, you may temporarily lose your momentum, possibly due to an underlying vagueness about what you’re doing, confusion at home or uncertainty based on the past. Pause and ponder rather than barreling through blindly or throwing in the towel. Ease up; don’t give up.




December 22–January 19

With provocateur Mars hiding out in your subliminal sector, unconscious behavior could be calling the shots. And when Mars clashes with smokescreen Neptune in your communication house this week, aggression that you don’t have a handle on may show up in your words, sending a signal you didn’t intend. Recognize that you may need more time to yourself now to work behind the scenes and pursue your own interests in private. It’s difficult to put your best foot forward when you can’t see how your actions are coming across. So deal with your own stuff, and don’t get discouraged if you’re feeling misunderstood. Try to notice the little things you might be doing to undermine yourself. If you’re irritable, confront your own emotions rather than confronting someone else. This is also a good time to do prep work for an upcoming project.




January 20–February 18

Dynamic Mars just entered the house in your chart that’s naturally associated with Aquarian matters, so you’re geared up for networking, socializing, teamwork, group activities, altruistic pursuits, setting new objectives and contributing something unique to the world. Mars scuffles with Neptune in your worth zone this week, suggesting that unclear priorities, diminished confidence, misplaced values or a fear of not being able to hold onto what you have could take you off course. Try to balance self-interest with what’s best for everyone, and find people you can collaborate with effectively. Organizing a group or forming a partnership should prove fruitful now, with valuable Venus in your sharing sector gelling with responsible Saturn in your ambition angle. Unpredictable Uranus in your cognition-and-communication zone is out of sync with Venus, so you may need to tweak your thinking and communication in order to get along well with someone.




February 19–March 20

Proactive Mars at the top of your chart is urging you to promote yourself, do something about your career and take action on a goal. Your ambition is so stirred up that you probably would prefer to be your own boss. It’s good to project an air of authority to get yourself noticed, but taking on your superiors would be a mistake now. Mars is fighting with Neptune in Pisces, so it’s extra difficult for you to perceive the impression that you’re giving others. If you feel unsure, focus on taking steps to reach a goal or to improve your career status rather than trying to make a big, public splash. You have the energy to fight for your advancement, but fighting a boss or colleague is bound to be rather pointless. You can make significant progress on your objectives if you relish competing with yourself.




March 21–April 19

With Venus hanging in your details house, you’re tackling a creative project, working on a relationship or taking pleasure in your work. When Venus clicks with Saturn this week, commit further to whatever you’re involved in. The exception would be if you’re dissecting a relationship or criticizing a love interest, in which case more maturity and depth is called for. Resist taking shortcuts when Venus has an awkward encounter with Uranus in Aries. Mars just entered your exploration zone, pushing you to pursue new experiences that broaden your mind. Travel, education and interacting with people who come from a very different place than you—in terms of geography or outlook—are all gratifying now. But a feeling of “Is this all there is?” could come over you and leave you searching for more meaning in life. Don’t get discouraged. It’s useful to question what you’re doing periodically.




April 20–May 20

Venus is coaxing you to enjoy life, but her skirmish with Uranus this week suggests that something might disrupt your pleasure. Whether it’s a person, circumstances or your own mood, if you adjust your attitude a bit, you can get past it. Venus is jibing with Saturn in your partnership angle, so a commitment to working things out with other people will facilitate positive feelings. This planetary configuration could mean you’re taking things to the next level in a romantic relationship. It can also be about others acknowledging and validating your creativity, humor, joy or individuality. You may be seeking an intense experience of intimacy, delving into a passion project or in conflict with yourself or someone else. Your ideals or a longing to find your place in the world or in a group could throw you off now, so slow down a little if you’re unsure.




May 21–June 20

Mars just crossed your partnership angle, prodding you to work in tandem with others and to work through conflict in a relationship rather than sweeping it under the rug. Mars battles Neptune in your goals house this week, so it could be challenging to partner with someone to achieve an objective, especially if the other person doesn’t entirely share your agenda. If you’re not on the same page and your goal isn’t within sight, you might get discouraged. But don’t let a setback deter you. There may be an opportunity here to learn more about healthy conflict resolution. And hitting pause will be a good thing if you’re not sure where you were headed. Working from home or working on your home will be pleasant now. Plus something that’s good for your health and can be enjoyed at home—like exercise or nutritious cooking—will hit the spot.




June 21–July 22

The recent arrival of Mars in your efficiency house indicates that you’re fairly busy and have sufficient energy to tackle your full plate. However, this week’s Mars-Neptune dustup hints that you’ll experience a momentary yearning to escape from the routine of daily life, and you may get tired of the grind. Take a break—a change of scene will inspire you. And be sure to rest when you need to. You may not be able to see how your current responsibilities relate to your vision of the future—in which case some duties might seem rather pointless. But find things you can do well. This is a great time to be proactive about your health and fitness. Any physical activity will help you blow off steam. Note that you’re better off working independently than as part of a team for now.




July 23–August 22

Action-oriented Mars in your fulfillment zone means you probably only want to do things that your heart is in and don’t feel like tackling anything that doesn’t give you pleasure. You have energy for creativity, play, romance and whatever makes you happy, so focus your efforts on something you’re passionate about. Mars’s skirmish with Neptune in your intimacy sector this week implies the results of your efforts may not be ideal. Financial support for a passion project or closeness in a relationship might not be forthcoming. You could misjudge the depth of your connection with another person or long to get more than they’re prepared to give. Knowing what you want and going after it, confidently expressing your real self to others—all of that is good. What’s iffy now is banking on the response. So make following your heart the whole point.



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