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Right here is our most current phone made in celebration of the brand-new iphone5! These synthetic phones were developed to help save your genuine phone from infants. Babies love to chew technology (TV remotes, Phones), unfortunately it does not bode well for technology. So here is a faux phone toy.

Why faux tech?

One day while testing a brand new Blackberry (for a magnate at the office no less), I enabled my teething child to have fun with it for a couple of minutes to occupy her while I was driving. After retrieving it from her, I groaned when I observed little teeth marks marring the surface. Even worse, her drool had caused the secrets to stop functioning correctly. I guess the old designs WERE harder!

Inspired by this regrettable occurrence, here is the all-natural iphone for babies and toddlers! This toy is chemical and toxin-free! It’s laser engraved on Canadian maple and doned with an infant safe unscented beeswax polish (unrefined beeswax, olive oil, carnauba wax). I ensure this memento will certainly outlast other smartphone on the market!! It determines 6cm x 11cm.

Please note that this is a handmade natural wood item, and as such might have small variations in the color and grain patterns in the wood.

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