George Washington Cherry Tree Hatchet Candy Container by saintNICHOLAStoo

30,00 USD

George Washington President’s Day cherry tree, with hatchet, sweet container. A vintage inspired U.S.A patriotic decoration.I made the cherry tree log from cardboard.The log is textured to simulate bark and is painted with acrylic paint.I added classic composition cherries.The hatchet is an antique paper and cardboard piece stamped Japan on back of blade.

Measurements: approx.3-3/ 4in tall.It is hollow and opens at the bottom.

I make my candy containers, decorations, primitive Santas and ornaments from antique, classic, recovered, retro and distressed materials for an aged look.I make them with the exact same construction methods as the antique originals would have been.I desire them to look like if they have endured 100 or more Christmases.Because of this, there will certainly be small imperfections, all of which are preferable due to the fact that they include warmth and patina to
the ornament.For example: small creasing, yellowing of cotton batting and chenille, age darkened or slightly faded crepe paper and scraps, tarnished tinsel, and so on

. U.S.A buyers: postage includes insurance coverage.


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