Glass Heart Pendants – Wholesale Jewelry Supplies – lampwork focal beads by Glass Peace (6163) by GlassPeace

50,00 USD

Here are 5 special glass heart pendants, hand shaped in the flame of my torch.

As the universal sign of love, health, and spirit, a Glass Heart pendant is an unique way to reveal your love. A contemporary take on a classic sign, our Glass Heart pendants are spirited, vibrantly colored and hand-sculpted.

You will receive the glass heart pendants envisioned.

The 2nd picture shows the size of the heart pendants compared with a cent.

As we heat a collect of colored glass in a flame, flatten the end, and shape the glass with special hand tools, each glass heart handles a shape and a character of its own-much like the heart of each individual is formed as they go through life. After adding a loop and checking for any flaws, we place the heart in an electronic kiln for annealing. The annealing procedure eliminates any stresses in the glass, guaranteeing a pendant as strong and long lasting as your love.

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