Glass Rainbow Wishing Rock Natural Shape by AzureFire

< img src =""border="0" width ="570"height="429"/ > 18,00 USD A rainbow Wishing Rock. This is a handmade, rainbow glass disk appropriate as a wanting rock, wishing stone, wonderful wanting stone, rainbow rock, paperweight,

talisman, or just a cheerful things.< br/ > Some people have actually desired a wishing rock shaped more like a natural stone than my round ones, so I have made these. Each is different. No 2 are alike. I will pick one for you. These take more work, so the cost is slightly higher

< br/ > If you choose a perfectly round Wishing Rock, please see my other listing at:

https:// www. This is like the wishing rock in the film, & quot; Shorts: the Adventures of the Wishing & quot; Rock. & quot; Kids seem to enjoy it. & quot; These Wanting Rocks are all roughly 2 1/4 inches long (5.7 cm), 2 inches large (5.08 cm), and 1/4 inch thick(0.6 cm). The colors in these handcrafted Wishing Rocks can vary a little in appearance depending on which glass I use, but the stones will be really similar. It is well annealed and durable (as long as you do not drop it on concrete or smite it with a hammer.) Shipping is by USPS First Class Mail or International First
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Glass Rainbow Wishing Rock Natural Shape by AzureFire



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