Glazed Nuts

Glazed Nuts

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 12 mins
  • Yield: 0.5Pound
  • About This Recipe

    “These are so fast and easy to make and look so pretty in a nice candy dish. This recipe only makes 1/2 pound (the program will not allow me a 1/2 so I put 1 pound…please ignore) so prepare to make a couple batches. They will go very fast.”


  • 1 1/2 cupswhole almonds, blanched( or cashews, peanuts, pecan halves, etc.)
  • 1/2 cupsugar
  • 2teaspoons butter or 2teaspoonsmargarine
  • Directions

  • In a heavy 8 inch skillet combine nuts, sugar and butter.
  • Cook over med heat, stirring constantly until sugar is melted and golden in color and nuts are toasted (about 7 minutes).
  • Spread nuts on a butter cookie sheet or aluminum foil, separating nuts.
  • Sprinkle lightly with salt.
  • Reviews

  • “I made these a few days ago as a hostess gift and they were a hit.If I promise to bring more I’m invited back every week!I made one batch according to the original recipe, but made another batch with whole pecans and whole almonds, and added some apple pie spice to the sugar.It raised these nuts to a new level!”

  • “Great recipe!I added this into my holiday goodie basket and everyone ate them up!I love the way the sugar and salt blend perfectly.Thank you for the recipe!”

  • “Aha! I”ve just finished making these and these are OUT OF THE WORLD, They are amazing!So easy to make, you”ve sure made Christmas Merry with these:)!!!Thank You for this excellent ultra-cool recipe!MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!”

  • “Karen,Thank you for this was so easy and tasted so good.Could not stop eating these.Everytime I went in the kitchen I had to grab a few.Thanks again”

  • “I made a double batch for a dinner party, and it definitely wasn’t enough! I used almonds, pecans and walnuts. Excellent recipe!”

  • ” My husband rates this 5 stars, it turned out like a nut brittle.Very easy to make, I used almonds, pecans, and walnuts. “

  • “These tasted very good and looked pretty. I did have some problems with getting the sugar to melt, though. I am thinking that maybe next time I will add a tablespoon or two of corn syrup. The sugar did finally melt, but it took 45 minutes of cooking on medium, and by that time the nuts were on the verge of being too darkly toasted. I also wonder if using cane sugar versus beet sugar would make a difference in the way it melts. Here in Montana the majority of our sugar is beet since it is a local crop. Cane sugar is available but it costs twice as much.”

  • “These are great! I made my husband try one now they are almost gone! I’m going to try some apple spice on the next batch. Thanks for the great snack idea!”

  • “I actually tried this recipe out and I have my mother to thank for finding this recipe. With all of the positive reviews it was given, she was intrigued and in need of a successful and tasty dish to give to her friends over the holiday season. I also had a little bit of trouble getting our sugar to melt over medium heat, but just a tiny splash of water did the trick for us, and our almonds/walnuts came out perfectly. I love that such a simple recipe can create a most perfect holiday snack. Have a happy holiday season, everyone. :)”

  • “I made these as Christmas thank-you gifts for committee members that I serve with.AMAZING! They not only taste great, but they are super easy! I will make this recipe over and over again!”

  • “I love it, awesome! That’s just what I have been trying to make.
    My kids love it so much and they are very picky eaters.
    Thank you for delicous recipe!”

  • “Great with macadamia nuts!Just don’t forget the butter on the 3ed step, you would end up eating some wax paper… :)”

  • “Great nut recipe.I made half a recipe and they are cooling now.They have great flavor and very easy to make.It did take longer than 7 min. for the sugar to melt on the pecans so be patient.I may try them with a little cinnamon next time. But be sure not to forget the salt in the end.”

  • “It was amazing! Thanks:)!”

  • “Wonderful!My husband can’t get enough of these.I made them with pecans (hubby’s favorite) and have tried with both regular white sugar and brown sugar.The cooking time is shorter with brown sugar but it gives it a butter pecan taste.Great on their own or fantastic with ice cream.Thanks for a great recipe!!”

  • “Perfect! I tried 4 other recipes for glazed nuts before I tried this one. This is exactly what I was looking for. Crunchy, sweet, a bit salty. So nice to just use the stove top. Really quick and easy recipe with very impressive results. This is a keeper! Thanks so much for sharing.”

  • “I like that you don’t have to use the oven to make this tasty treat! Quick, easy and good.”

  • “These were AWESOME!I couldn’t keep my husband away from them.I did take the advice given and add a couple tablespoons of water to help melt the sugar.I also let the sugar, water and butter cook a little before adding the walnuts.The other thing I did a little differently was to increase the butter to a tablespoon.I gave each family member a bag as a Christmas gift and no one cared how they looked – they all loved them!”

  • “I thought this was a pretty good recipe, but it didn’t look that nice – nothing like the pic shows.I melted the butter and the sugar together before adding the nuts, like others suggested, but I still ended up with gloppy glaze.It tasted good, but wasn’t that nice looking, I didn’t want to take it to the party I made it for.”

  • “Excellent and very easy to make! I added a few tablespoons of water to the sugar to help melt the sugar a bit faster.”