Gold Port Vintage Style Printable DIY Wedding Trading Cards Editable PDF by tatteredvintage

9,00 USD

Vintage design trading cards from my Gold Port design

For in the house desktop printing 8.5 x 11 format.

Editable PDF listings have editable text fields that can be altered and conserved in Acrobat Reader

here’s how:

open the file with Acrobat reader (download devoid of adobe if you do not have it)

click the emphasize existing fields in the top right corner and the text boxes will be shaded or simply click on the text you wish to alter

select it and type then save the file with your file name

ctrl – e opens a homes box that permits you to alter the font style size and or color

for the editable functions to work effectively the file needs to be opened in Acrobat

when the file is conserved with your text modifications click print and choose 8.5 x 11 and actual size settings in the print buildings choices.

print as numerous as you desire

a file to have printed at a printing shop requires a custom-made modified printable.

the listing for a custom edit is here:

include all your preferred text with any color, design, size or design changes, additional modifications may sustain additional fees.

for a totally brand-new design or several designs please purchase the design charge listing here

custom design digital evidences via Etsy convo with-in 48 hours for edits and changes up until you enjoy

once the designs are approved you will be sent out the last files via email

after the final files are sent out further design work will need purchase of the custom modifies noting

Regards to Use:

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