Grapefruit – Foaming Body Scrub by bathhouse

4,50 USD

This is a manual exfoliation that lathers up like soap but offers a best polish without the oily mess of conventional scrubs. Our scrubs are in a fluffy, frosting like soap base containing a drizzle of olive oil to clean, exfoliate, and hydrate all at as soon as. This is not an oily mess like you have actually probably experienced with conventional scrubs. Pick from lots of scents and structure variations listed below to polish your skin to glowing excellence.

Grapefruit … exactly what can be stated about our Grapefruit Scrub besides it is AMAZING! Real grapefruit essential oil is contributed to every batch for the truest of grapefruit scents. Grapefruit oil is a natural detoxifier so not only is it uplifting and gleaming, it’s likewise fantastic for drawing excess contaminants and pollutants from your skin.


Mini: 2oz. PET container that is 1.85 inches high and 1.97 inches in diameter. Approx. 4 makes use of per jar.

Little: 4oz. PET jar that is 2.44 inches high and 2.32 inches in diameter. Approx. 9 uses per container.

Medium: 8oz. PET jar that is 3.03 inches high and 2.9 inches in diameter. Approx. 20 uses per container.

Large: 16oz ANIMAL jar that is 3.43 inches high and 3.66 inches in diameter. Approx. 40 uses per container.

Instructions: Utilize a quarter-sized amount on a wash fabric and make use of a round movement on the skin and rinse as usual for a silky smooth after-feel.

Recipe: walking cane sugar, distilled water, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium cocoyl isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, salt chloride, phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium EDTA, olive oil, fragrance oil, grapefruit necessary oil, mica

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