Groovy Guitar Utensil Holder For Baby / Toddlers by JuS4BaBy

3,25 USD

This listing is for a baby/ toddler utensil holder which is fantastic for the kids for their school lunches or simply taking your youngster to their preferred dining establishment.

This is a 3 pocket utensil rollup holder for that ideal kid. This 3 pocket holder will hold your childs preferred set of utensils (fork, spoon, knife or napkin) while you are out having dinner, lunch or breakfast) at their favorite dining establishment. No more germs since you will be using your own set of utensils for your child. This holder will be excellent when you are out and you have to feed your kid due to the fact that now you will be comfortable knowing it your own set of utensils.

Fill this utensil holder with your kids preferred set of utensils, roll it up, cover with flexible and you are ready to go. Great for taking on trips, school or simply around your house. My grandson simply started on cereal and i feel more comfy utilizing his own set of utensil instead of utilizing whats out in the restaurants and now its germs complimentary.

This likewise makes a fantastic gift for birthday celebrations, halloween parties or perhaps equipping stuffers or simply for your special youngster.

Fabrics are 100 % cotton. The best thing is this utensil holder can be device washed and conserves cash on utilizing ziploc bags.

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