Handwoven Shawl Bamboo Wrap- Aqua Pool by FiberFusion

220,00 USD

Aqua Pool

An extremely soft shawl with a gorgeous textured pattern!

I handwove this beautiful shawl in aqua blue, green, light yellow, taupe, olive green, light blue, and blue-green. A nice weight, that is long enough to curtain in various designs throughout the day and warm sufficient to keep the chill off in the night.

Great to wear to a wedding, night out, or on trip. A terrific summer season fashion accessory for you or a “”one of a kind” “present for someone special!The measurements are:
18″ x 74″with an additional 5″braided fringe on each” end. Bamboo Rayon -some hand dyed
Handwash in space temperature water and

dry flat.Shipped Top priority in USA Можно приобрести на Etsy за FiberFusion