Heart Mold Mould Resin Clay Fondant Wax Soap Miniature Sweet Flower Victorian Jewelry Charms Flexible Molds by WhysperFairy

Heart Mold Mould Resin Clay Fondant Wax Soap Miniature Sweet Flower Victorian Jewelry Charms Flexible Molds by WhysperFairy

8,95 USD< p class="description"> Heart Mold Flexible Mould
SIZE ♥ Decoration is 2 inches x 1 -7/ 8 inch Big < br/ > Second Photo is of a cookie one of my consumers made with the

mold.:! D Lovely Silicone Flexible Molds Fondant Clay Resin Moulds

< br/ > ♥ ♥ Please Read listed below PRIOR to Purchase ~ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION

< br/ > ♥ ♥ MY BLOG SITE ♥ ♥ MOLDS GIVEAWAY– Monthly I have a new contest and giveaway a large quantity of molds and products! Make sure to inspect it out and enter! https://juliesbits.blogspot.com/

♥ ♥– QUALITY: All of my flexible, food safe, silicone molds are handcrafted by me, as they are bought. I use a generous amount of silicone so your molds are thick and tough. ♥ Cost is only for the mold. Any items in the photos are photo props only.

No Mold Release is essential.

Your molded piece will pop ideal out of your mold without trouble. My molds are very versatile. They can withstand warm up to 395 degrees Fahrenheit.

< br/ > ♥ ♥–
FOOD SAFE: My molds are food grade certified approximately 395 degrees F. They are made of non-toxic, food safe silicone. You may clean your mold with soap and water. If you plan to use the mold for food, do not utilize it with other material prior to putting your foodstuff into the mold to get rid of any possibility of contamination.

♥ ♥– SIZE: Please examine the size of your mold prior to purchase so you are not shocked when it shows up. You can see the size of your piece ABOVE, in the IMAGINES to the RIGHT SIDE of the big picture. Click on the picture with the RULER to expand it. If there is no size referral please send me a note and I will measure it for you.

♥ ♥– UTILIZES: RESIN- You can use your molds with resin to make charming magnets, elaborate brooches, and cabochons for jewelry, hair bows, pendants or scrapbook decorations
< br/ > POLYMER CLAY and PMC (Valuable Metal Clay) likewise work well with these molds to create gorgeous jewelry pieces! On a few of the more in-depth, much deeper molds you can bake your clay right in the mold if you want to prevent distorting the piece as it comes out. Follow clay cooking instructions on your clay plan. Never ever bake the mold over 395 degrees.

WAX-A lot of consumers make fragrant WAX melts with their molds! Wax just pops right from the mold cavity!

SOAP embeds are another wonderful use of your molds. Make small fish, flowers or whatever you prefer to embed in your clear soaps!

FONDANT, SUGAR, CHOCOLATE, CANDY (below 395 degrees) I make charming pieces to put on my cupcakes and cakes! Leaf and flower molds can turn a normal cake into a beautiful masterpiece!

< br/ > BUTTER pats! Make heart butter pats for Valentine’s Day, Eggs for Easter or snowflakes for Christmas! I have a range of vacation molds to make your holiday supper more festive!

On a few of the more in-depth molds you can put your filled mold in the freezer for a couple of minutes to solidify it a little to remove distorting your piece as you eliminate it.

UTEE, FRIENDLY PLASTIC, PLASTER AND EPOXY CLAY can be utilized in your new mold

< br/ > ♥ ♥– CAUTIONS:!
The molds are not edible. Please keep molds away from children. Smaller molds can be a choking risk.
Be sure to prevent CROSS CONTAMINATION. If you use your mold with non edible items (i.e. clay, resin etc) do not utilize it later on with foodstuff.
Other products I bring: Cookie cutters have sharp edges, please avoid children. All the clay canes are made from clay and are not edible. Please keep these far from children. ALL the mini food decorations in my shop are FAKE FOOD made from plastic, glass, clay or other non-edible material. Please keep these products away from kids as they look great enough to consume however are not edible.

< br/ > ♥ ♥– SHIPPING: Due to rate increases by the USPS I have had to increase my shipping rates. The shipping costs just cover the cost of shipping and the expense of new shipping products to mail you your new molds. I do not charge a managing cost. Thank you for your understanding.

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