Heat Pack or Cold Therapy Wrap / Neck Shoulder Unscented Martini by Essiedesigns

10,95 USD

This organic wrap can be utilized for your selection of either hot or cold therapy. Measures 5 x 20 inches.

Location in a microwave for a minute approximately and enjoy about 30 minutes or longer of heat thereapy. Or place in plastic bag and put in the freezer till chilled. You can wrap it around your neck and shoulders or anywhere you kindly. Fulled of Flaxseed. The soothing heat permits you to effectively relax, letting your days stress or discomfort drift away.

Leading 5 reasons you must utilize my natural wrap
\* Relaxation
\* Wellness and recovering
\* Energy
\* Connection
\* Imagination

Therapy wraps make the very best gifts for:
Friends, instructors, athletes, bridesmaids, hair stylist, senior, everyone!

\* I can likewise fit 10 wraps in a priority box for 13.95 shipping in the UNITED STATE. Simply message me with wraps you would like and I can set up a listing.

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