Hokulani, Stars from Heaven, Hand pieced, hand quilted by FannieNarte

125,00 USD

Hokulani, Stars from Heaven, Quilt

Dimensions: 21 inches by 21 inches

This quilt was hand pieced using dark blue, light blue, red and pink cotton materials. The background is a tone-on-tone off-white cotton material, and the entire piece was hand quilted. The blue binding was machine stitched to the front and hand sewed to the back.

Hokulani is a Hawaiian word that means Stars from Heaven or Heavenly Stars. Its name is inspired by our voyaging canoe, the & quot; & quot; Hokulea, & quot; and the stars who directed the navigation of its very first trip, the trips of our Polynesian forefathers, and the trips that continue today.

The Hokulea and its voyages have pertained to represent lots of things to the Hawaiian individuals. At its core is the concept of our connection to all things, all individuals. In addition, it is a symbol of the seemingly difficult things that can be accomplished through the dedicated work and commitment from numerous hands. To me, the Hokulea represents & quot; & quot; Aloha, & quot; the love, gratitude and knowledge of the ancients.

It was a delight making this quilt for you. I hope this quilt brings you love, delight and aloha.


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