Holding Stick, Can Be Attached To Almost Any Mask by TheCraftyChemist07

5,00 USD

Please acquire this listing when acquiring a mask from my facility if you would like for your mask to be connected to a holding stick) the timeless impersonate sphere look that lots of ladies strive for.)

Acquiring this choice is great is you want to use your mask as an accessory to your attire. They allow you to use your lovely mask to enhance your clothing, while preventing any interference with your makeup or hair. You can use the mask when you would such as to, whether it be for pictures or strolling down the carpet at your occasion, while having the luxury of not having to take the mask on and off.

The masks in this listing are just for illustrating how a mask looks connected to a stick, a mask is NOT included in this listing. The pictures presented in this publishing illustrate a few of the lots of possible combinations – The sky is the limitation!

Please note in the massage to seller section while having a look at whether:
1. You would such as a gold or silver stick.
2. If you would like me to leave the tying ribbons connected or remove them.

Wide variety of masks available in my store.

Contact me for a custom order, they are my specialty!

*** Please take note that if you are outside the US kindly call me and I will add the choice with the price for the shipping to your country. ***

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Holding Stick, Can Be Attached To Almost Any Mask by TheCraftyChemist07



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