Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Yield: 1cup(approx)
  • About This Recipe

    “Wonderful on salads or used as a dip for chicken or fries.”


  • 1/2 cupKraft mayonnaise( don’t use Dukes or Miracle Whip!)
  • 1/4 cupmustard
  • 1/4 cuphoney
  • 1tablespoonrice wine vinegar( leave out if using for dip)
  • 1dashsalt
  • cayenne pepper
  • Directions

  • Whisk together and chill.
  • Reviews

  • “Excellent sauce. We used it as a dipping sauce with chicken fingers. I use Hellman’s Mayo.Thank you for sharing this recipe.”

  • “Excellent!I’ve made it twice for use on our chicken nuggets!My hubby loves it!”

  • “I used whole grain mustard and the taste was wonderful, but I did use a low-cal dressing, and it made the finished product a tad runny.That didnt affect the flavour, and it disappeared pretty quickly.Very nice on a mixed salad, and super as a dip or dressing for prawns!!!”

  • “I made this to serve with the Bisquick Sausage Balls 195888 for the Super Bowl and it was perfect for them. As I used this with a dip I ommited the Vinegar. I looked and found Red Wine Vinegar or Rice Vinegar but could not find Rice Wine Vinegar so I looked it up and found this https://chowhound.chow.com/topics/348205.”

  • “WOW! Simply (and simple) amazing! So good!! Will use this recipe over and over again!!”

  • “Excellent! Perfect amount of mayo, honey, and mustard. We loved it on our chicken tenders.”

  • “Best honey mustard ever! I use spicy and Dijon mustard.”

  • “Amazing, and so simple. Tastes wonderful!”

  • “The best honey mustard I have ever tasted and I am quite critical about honey mustard! Thanks for sharing!”

  • “This was so tasty over recipe#191018. I used Hellmans olive oil mayonnaise to be soy free, creamed honey, white vinegar for religious reasons, sea salt, plus the two other ingredients. I may make this again.”

  • “I have made this many times. It is now my favourite dip and salad dressing. I use fat reduced Hellman’s mayo and Dijon mustard. I am just about to make it again for a dip for appetizer meatballs so thought that I should finally submit a review.”

  • “I have been looking for a good honey mustard recipe and this fit the bill!I used Hellman’s real mayo and it was delicious.It was a bit runny because I used it right away without refrigerating, but I’m sure by tomorrow it will be the perfect consistency.My husband and kids loved it!!”

  • “I LOVE Arby’s Honey Mustard and this filled it’s shoes just great! I omitted the vinegar and used a couple dashes of tabasco sauce in place of cayenne pepper.”

  • “I used miracle whip(its all I had!) and it tastes AWESOME! I used Epicures Sweet & Spicy Honey mustard, and Epicures regular Honey mustard(split it in half).I made this to go with recipe #3548- loved it! 5 stars! Added to my recipe book- thank you so much!!”

  • “We were looking for a honey mustard recipe to serve with some baked pretzels that was close to a recipe used in a German restaurant in Columbus, OH called Schmidt’s.Of all the recipes we’ve tried, this is definitely the closest!We used honey from a local farm and followed the proportions given.For our taste, it was too sweet and the mayo taste too strong, so I added a few tablespoons more of mustard (just regular yellow) and added a little more vinegar. The end result was delicious!It was a little too runny freshly made, but after refrigerating overnight, the consistency was what we were looking for.Can’t wait to try it as a salad dressing or on a sandwich, as others have suggested here….”

  • “Deeee-licious!I omitted the vinegar (as per directions) and added 1/4 tsp Pure Sesame Oil.This asian-ish taste was fabulous on everything i could dream up to dip into it.Very great on asparagus!!!I just spent $8.99 at a home party to purchase this very same thing.”

  • “It’s THE best honey mustard I’ve ever tried! I’m looking forward to using this as a salad dressing, too, and will definitely be putting chicken fingers on the menu more often!! Merci beaucoup!Update 6/9/10:Made up a batch last night using half regular Hellman’s mayo and half Hellman’s mayo & olive oil blend (to lower overall fat).Nobody in my family knew about the mayo switcheroo, and no one commented that it tasted any different.So next time, I’ll try this recipe using only the mayo & olive oil blend.Thanks again!”

  • “Did not have cayenne, so I omitted that. Added maybe a tablespoon of stone ground mustard to it in addition to the regular mustard. Very tasty!”

  • “I haven’t made this but I had it at a party, served with sausage meatballs.This was so good.I would serve it on sandwiches or with chicken strips as well.”

  • “I made this easy honey mustard to serve with chicken fingers.We loved the flavor with the chicken fingers.I had some left over, so I refrigerated it and added some rice wine vinegar a couple of days later to use the remainder as a salad dressing.Again, it was a great addition to the salad as well.Loved it both ways.”