Hot & Spicy Vegetable Dip

Hot & Spicy Vegetable Dip

  • Prep Time: 0 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Servings: 8-10
  • About This Recipe

    “This is vegetable dip but my daughter likes it on potato chips. If you don’t have Rotel, I have substituted a cup of salsa with excellent results.”


  • 1packageGood Seasons Italian dressing
  • 2 (8ounce) packages cream cheese
  • 1canRotel tomatoes & chilies
  • Directions

  • Cream salad dressing and cream cheese.
  • Slowly mix in the Rotel.
  • Chill for an hour before serving.
  • Reviews

  • “Thank YOU for this great idea! It was (what we call) “munchie night” last night and as this recipe is ever so easy to make it was on the “menu”.Because of being the garlic addict I am as well as spice freak, I added 2 cloves minced garlic and used the “hot” rotel tomatoes. I will definately make this many times!”

  • “This was a easy recipe to throw together!Went over very well.I will be making this many more times.!”

  • “This was a good and different dip.My husband seemed to like it a bit more than me.I thought the rotel gave it a little odd flavor but then again we ate it with chips.I will make again to eat it with veggies and Im sure I will like it better.Thanks for the interesting dip recipe!”

  • “I made this for out relish tray and the adults loved it.The kids thought it was too hot, but they just used the “reg” ranch dip.I then put it on our “appy” table with chips after our meal, it was loved by all us adults.Thank you for sharing.”

  • “I liked this but I made with the hot Rotel next time I’m going to do half the jar of hot and half mild because it was to hot. I want it to be spicy but that was to spicy for me.”

  • “Quick, easy, and delicious!The Rotel adds color and makes it look like you spent hours chopping vegetables.Great with Ruffles.”

  • “Very good dip. I made it with the mild Rotel tomatoes because I was the only one who like things hot at the party. I also let it set overnight before serving. The next time I make this will be for the next Superbowl party and I will be using the extra hot Rotel.”

  • “Ok- If you make this (and I think everyone should), you should make it a day ahead and then serve.I made it the morning of a potluck at work, and most people thought it was ok.The next day, there was some left over, and we were amazed at how different it tasted.YUM!Give it a try!”

  • “I made this today for a quick snack and really enjoyed it! It would make a great dip for Christmas with it being a bit red and green from the Rotel:) I ate it with chips but next time would serve with the veggies. Thanks for a great and simple to make recipe!”

  • “This is a good, easy, make-ahead dip.We had an appetizer lunch that was made up totally of zaar tags and1-2-3 wonder tags and this was one of the dishes that I made.It was good with both veggies and chips. I made it with the original (mild) rotel, but would make it with the hotter version next time (only because we like spicy). Thanks Mysterygirl for a nice, quick recipe.”

  • “recipe did not specify what type of rotel to use (original, mild, spicy)so I used mild, I should have used original as this came out a little bland.I will try it again.”

  • “Thanks so much for telling me about this Mysterygirl! I made it for our Christmas gathering and everyone loved it! Will make this again for sure! strawberryjane”