Hot Buttered Rum

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Servings: 80
  • About This Recipe

    “Only scale down to half at most.It is difficult to scale much farther down and still get the batter to come together.Made this in 2004 xmas and it tasted good, but wished I’d made more and just kept the leftover batter around.”



  • 2cupsbrown sugar
  • 1/2 cupbutter, softened
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoonground nutmeg
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoonground cinnamon
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoonground cloves
  • 1pinchsalt
  • Drink

  • 1gallonlight rum
  • cinnamon stick
  • hot water
  • Directions

  • Beat the sugar and butter together until fluffy.
  • Beat in the spices.
  • Put a heaping teaspoon of the batter in the bottom of a mug with 1 1/2 oz of rum and top with hot water, stirring well.
  • Reviews

  • “My first “Hot Buttered Rum”…..but it sure won’t be my last! The perfect “warm up” on a cold winter’s night.I kept Bill’s review in mind when mixing, because I felt it might be a little strong for my taste also.So, I reduced the rum to 1-oz for my serving.It was perfect!!I put the remaining batter in an air-tight container and stuck it in the ‘fridge.Thanks, Gay, I’m very glad you shared this one!!”

  • “This was absolutely delicious, perfect for a winter night.I reduced the recipe by half (I didn’t have a gallon of rum) and saved the rest of the batter.I would recommend cutting the amount of ground cloves in half, but that might just be me, I think they’re pretty strong.But well worth having nonetheless!”

  • “Hey!Good stuff!I’ve used Trader Vic’s all these years, but now I’m switched.Sorry Vic.I’ve sacraficed a new plastic container for my buttered rum mix.I like having it on hand all year.This is good, and easy.TIP: Make up a double batch.It’ll keep forever in the fridge and it’s good any time.Summer nights on the patio can get chilly, and mid-winter can be freezing.”

  • “Ooooooh!I had never had hot buttered rum before, so I took a chance and tried this recipe.Am soooooo glad I did!I omitted the cloves as I am not really big on them, but otherwise kept the recipe the same.I cannot rate this recipe high enough!Absolutely delish!”

    This is a good recipe. Very yummy. I drink it without rum and my baby loves it to. However I seriously suggest mixing everything and adding the nutmeg to taste. Even a dash too much can overpower the whole drink.
    Can’t wait to try it in my coffee.”

  • “!!DELISH!I was the hit of every gathering I brought this to.Seriously, even without the rum (for the kiddos), people were going wild.WELL DONE!A FAVORITE IN MY HOUSE.”

  • “Loved it!I thought it might not taste good without the ice cream, but I was wrong, it is delicious without it (and less fattening). I want to try it with the Splenda brown sugar next time to make it more sugar free.I sometimes add a little powdered cream for coffee to the drink for a little different taste. I halved the recipe and used 1/4 tsp. for each spice. Perfect the way it is, thanks for sharing!”

  • “i absolutely love this stuff. I have had a recipe for Hot Buttered Rum for years. Always calling for heavy cream or icecream. Being lactose intolerate.. well it never was something I could enjoy. Now with this recipe… am loving it.. Ty so much for posting an allergy friendly recipe. It’s not winter in ND yet although the winds are 54 mph and its raining.. lol so its cold.. now i got some yummy in my warm tummy.. Again tysvm”

  • “Morning and Merry Christmas!Five stars with a couple extra!!I made a batch of this in am. and added it to coffee.It was absolutely delicious!!!Instead of regular brown sugar I used the splenda brown sugar.It turned out just right.I made a very small batch and did a 4-1 ration of sugar to butter.I also added more cinnamon.How festive..The temp. is falling and it is trying to snow here in Lexington, KY.”

  • “I gave this recipe to a friend of mine who requested it. I have never tried this before, I didn’t think I would like it as I’m not a rum drinker, but I was so wrong. I Loved it and on a cold night like we’ve been having, you really appreciate it even more. My friend said she didn’t change a thing on this, and I plan on making a batch myself to keep on hand. Thanks Gay, its a winner!!”

  • “Yummy!I ground my own cloves with a mortar and pestle.Creamed with the back of a spoon because I don’t have a mixer.It took a litle time, but eventually all blended.This recipe tastes best with light rum (rather than dark spiced rum).”

  • “Yum! Made a double batch – and I’m sipping on the ‘sample’ mug right now. All the ‘makin’s will come with us to the NY eve party tonight. We’re going to try using hot cider instead of the water tomorrow morning while watching the Rose Parade. Note to self – if you decide to use a cinammon stick as a stirrer – be sure your mug isn’t too tall — it disappeared under the HBR, and we had to use a spoon to stir the stick out!;-)”

  • “We bought a Harley in 04 and the first year we rode every night and every weekend regardless of the weather!!We were introduced to hot buttered rum after riding half a day in the freezing cold!!Yum Yum!!We, too, prefer Brandy in it.This recipe is as good if not better than store bought!I came looking for it (Zaar to the rescue!) when I opened a brand new container of HBR mix from the store and it had mold in it – yuck!!!I will never buy it again – thanks for sharing your recipe.P.S. – After reading the reviews, Richard Wright sounds like a hoot!!”

  • “I made this recipe last night and used my coffe maker to keep it warm.The butter mixture separated in the drink and looked kinda gross.I am not a heavy drinker so I think that is why it wasn’t my favorite.sorry”

  • “Wonderful and so easy to make and enjoy.This is my new favorite winter evening beverage.”

  • “This hot buttered rum recipe is excellent.It is a great sweet, flavorful recipe.Very easy to enjoy on a cold winter’s night with friends.”

  • “This is a favorite of ours!!Perfect for a snowy night…by the lights of the Christmas tree.We used our favorite rum Myers…so it was quite dark…and so very good!!!Thank you!”

  • “I love this drink!I have been looking for a recipe to use up some dark rum that my wife bought to make cookies.This is perfect!I reduced the recipe to 2 serveings and everthing came out good.I also used dark rum and added a little extra brown sugar.Thanks for posting this recipe; I am looking forward to enjoying this drink during the holidays.”