I LOVE ETSY ceramic gift tag etsy turtle heart charm pendant To-From handmade by Wisconsin artist by FaithAnnOriginals

3,00 USD

** 1 Handmade, kiln-fired, original design, approx 1.25 & quot; x 2 & quot; ceramic GIFT TAG or PENDANT or BAG CHARM **

After creating a number of these pieces, writing & quot; To: & quot; and & quot; From: & quot; on the reverse side with an ordinary marker, and giving them as gift tags, I was astounded to find they were being re-used as mini-ornaments, hung from purse zippers and backpacks, and my favorite use of all … necklace pendants !! Due to popular request, here is one from my ‘personal stash’. I hope you enjoy dreaming up the perfect way to use it! I only wish the photos showed even half of the raised texture, color, and glossy brilliance!

I hand-make each piece, one at a time, of fine white clay, impressed with either actual blossoms or a leaf from my yard or one of my original hand-carved designs. Next, I dry them VERY SLOWLY, sand and smooth and sand and smooth each one again, and fire in my little ceramic kiln. Then the real work begins!

After 24 hours in the kiln, they emerge ready to be & quot; watercolored & quot; one at a time, and topped carefully with clear ceramic glaze, leaving the back unglazed. Next, I return each one to the kiln for another 24 hours, when each piece emerges with a glassy finish. A miniature work of art, made with loving care, perfect for your favorite your own creation.

* Listing is for the one item in the title; may be photographed with one or more other pins / buttons / pendants / gift tags.

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I LOVE ETSY ceramic gift tag etsy turtle heart charm pendant To-From handmade by Wisconsin artist by FaithAnnOriginals



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