INSTANT DOWNLOAD Chi Chi Chihuahua Christmas set 1 dog graphics 3 gorgeous full color Chihuahuas with Christmas lights halo reindeer antlers by IrrationalArts

2,45 USD

This set is offered for INSTANTANEOUS DOWNLOAD!!!

These gorgeous Chihuahuas are awaiting an excellent house. And they are all decked out for Christmas!! So charming!

Each graphic is approximately 12 & quot; & quot; tall and or large. Each graphic was developed in Illustrator CS5. Each graphic is png format with a clear background.

This set includes 3 graphics.
1 Chihuahua with Christmas lights and Halo
1 Chihuahua with Halo
1 Chihuahua with reindeer antlers and nose

Other Chihuahua graphics can be acquired in separate listings:
(2nd image)
(Third picture)

Copyrights stay with the artist at Irrational Arts. You can use them for individual use, and for little commercial use if you offer my store credit @ For NO CREDIT small commercial use you must acquire a commercial license from this store.

Please do not offer these graphics or documents as a set or repackaged set.

This set is readily available for INSTANTANEOUS DOWNLOAD!!!

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