Italian Spice Blend (1 oz.) By JamesJams

6,00 USD

Italian Spice Blend (1 oz.)

This listing is for a 1 oz. tin of my initial dish Italian Dipping Spice. I use coarse sea salt, basil, oregano and other spices to develop this mix, which is best for contributing to olive oil for dipping fresh baked bread, or to contribute to a store purchased pasta sauce to give it a taste boost. You can even toss a bit over fresh popped popcorn for a fun flavor experience! We enjoy this dipper – but it absolutely plays to the salt enthusiast, so if you are not a fan of salt or are viewing salt consumption, this might not be the spice for you.

All of my productions are made from fresh fruit and vegetables, enhanced with local farmer’s market produce. Undoubtedly, food is subject to preferences and taste – I such as everything in my shop, and I hope you will certainly too. I have attempted to explain the active ingredients the finest I can. Kindly note that the images are representative – I hand blend each spice, so some variations in the color might occur from what you see on screen. If you have concerns about any item, kindly call me.

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