Japanese Pink Sauce

Japanese Pink Sauce

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Yield: 1cup
  • About This Recipe

    “I got this recipe from my girlfriend Cher-she said not to let any one ingredient drown out the others. When put together it should be a taste of its own, DO NOT use Miracle Whip.”


  • 1cupHellmann’s mayonnaise
  • 3teaspoonspaprika
  • 1teaspoonlemon juice
  • 1teaspoonsugar
  • 1teaspoonwater
  • 1/2 teaspoongarlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoonpowdered ginger
  • salt
  • Directions

  • Start with the 1 cup mayo and then whisk in the ingredients in order of listing-taste before adding salt and adjust any seasonings.
  • You should not be able to taste any one ingredient.
  • Reviews

  • “This was *really yummy*. The taste was authentic to the sauce I was trying to duplicate. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, because it was thicker than I expected, but I couldn’t keep my rice crackers out of it. It will have so many uses in my house – instead of mayo on sandwiches, as a chicken salad binder, on eggs … oh! the possibilities! Maybe next time I will try carefully adding water to thin it out without affecting the flavor, so I can use it as a dipping sauce, too. I didn’t need to add salt, possibly because I used Duke’s (a mayo with no added sugar) instead of Hellmann’s.”

  • “I put together this recipe but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but very close.I made a few ajustments and it turn out GREAT!! I will be happy to share it with you.Instead of water I use buttermilk, trust me on this please! Add the buttermilk last, you can make it as thinas you like then add your salt. I also added a bit more sugar,garlic and ginger just to my taste.Thanks for your help!! ;)”

  • “I finally found a shrimp sauce that is very close in taste to the sauces at Japanese Steak Houses. We just pour it over our shrimp, veggies and rice and have a great dinner. I did find that it was a bit thick when I first made it, so I carefully added a bit of water to thin it up and it was still very good.”

  • “This is a very good sauce. I will make this again as a dip for sweet or regular homemade potato fries as I can imagine the flavours would taste delicious together. I used Helmans olive oil mayonnaise to be soy free, sweet paprika because we don’t like hot spicy, freshly squeezed lemon juice, white sugar, minced garlic instead of the powder to be healthier and sea salt. I will make again as stated. Made for Think Pink Tag.”

  • “This is an amazing little dip!My family thought it tasted just like Yamato or Shogun’s salad dressing.I just served it with crackers and it was very addictive!I am allergic to tomatoes so I will be using this as my standard french fry dip.I also used Fat Free Mayo.Thanks so much for the great recipe!”

  • “Oooh! Yummy! I made a small batch to dip some sweet potato fries in and loved it! Thanks! Made for Think PInk game!”

  • “Love the way the flavors blend in this!Ate it on shrimp poppers and fries.Made for the Think Pink Tag Game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.”

  • “Made this at a resent Japanese party, with my own scrimp cakes, and they literally licked the bowls… Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for posting.”

  • “I loved it…my husband has asked for it again and again. Even my picky grandparents loved it with chicken and rice. Thank you!!!”

  • “I love this recipe. I add a little bit of soyor teriyaki sauce to thin it down but otherwise no changes. It is just like the Japanese steakhouse recipe.”

  • “I served this sauce with crab stuffed shrimp, it was excellent!!!!!!”

  • “I should have heeded meltdcountry’s review.I think next time I will hold the paprika down to 2 teaspoons.Otherwise, yummy! Thanks for sharing!”

  • “Oh I loved this! I made it at the same time as a bunch of chinese pancakes so I dipped one in to try it mmm… I had a “let me be alone with the food moment”which my bigger half has come to recognise as shut the kitchen door and don’t attempt contact until contacted first. As another reviewer mentioned I shall be using this in place of plain mayo (i made mine with the guilt free, flavour free lightest helmanns)on salads etc. Great recipe – thanks very much!”

  • “Ithink if I back down on the paprika just a tad, this would be PERFECT. YUM!!! The kids loved this on their fried rice…yum!! Thanks for sharing!”

  • “This was to “DI” for!Get it?(okay..I know..horrible joke!) This was the recipe I was looking for and pestered everyone in the threads for.Who knew it was in Di’s cookbook.I usually whip up a batch weekly and mix this into my fried rice.Cannot get enough of that!MORE THAN 5 STARS, DI!”

  • “I cannot believe that I forgot to review this recipe.We use it often and love it.I add a couple of drops of sesame oil to the mixture, just enough to make you wonder if it’s really there.My daughter and I could make a snack out of dipping Keebler Club crackers into a bowl of this stuff.Thanks for posting this!”