Jicama Chili Sticks

Jicama Chili Sticks

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Servings: 12
  • About This Recipe

    “In Mexico you can buy these on just about every street corner. They are usually round slices heavily laden with chili. Very refreshing. When you buy a Jicama make sure it is very firm and free from mold patches. When you slice it open the flesh must be white otherwise it is too old. This is a very low calorie recipe, it fact it is low everything!”


  • 1 1/2 lbsjicama
  • 1lime, to squeeze on the jicama
  • 1teaspoonchili powder( more if you like it hot)
  • Directions

  • Peel the jicama, cut into manageable size pieces and cut into pieces about 3″x1/2″x1/2″ Arrange on a paper towel, Sprinkle with lime juice, Sprinkle with chili powder Arrange on a platter and serve ice cold.
  • Reviews

  • “These are wongerful! They’re crisp anddelicious! The lime and chili powder go great, this is a new snack for us! We love jicama, and this is a very good way to spice it up.”

  • “Wonderful when one wants something in the frige for easy snacks, DH is trying to quit smoking, so I’m keeping all kinds of veggie snacks around for him. Can’t keep enough of these in for him.Thanks Bergy, I love them too!!”

  • “I know this is good because I have enjoyed Jicama this way for several years.When we first moved to New Mexico we visited a Swap Meet in Las Cruces where they sell a “fruit cup” it includes Jicama,watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple andcucumber all cut in strips and sprinkled with lime and red chile.The only difference is they also add salt to the red chile.I now enjoy apples, pears, most any type of fruit with the lime, red chile and salt sprinkled over them!! Betty Jo Weathersby “

  • “Had a Mexican theme party and needed a veggie appetizer.This worked out great, though they looked like french fries on the platter 😉 they were a flavor sensation and everyone liked them.”

  • “When I saw the jicama sitting on the market shelf, I thought, what an ugly, odd-looking potato!Then I saw the name, and remembered coming across it here someplace, so I swiped it up.Thanks goodness!Its taste is sweet, crisp and juicy.I can imagine enjoying these on a hot summer day (though must admit I find it very enjoyable now in the middle of winter).While great plain, the lime juice & chili powder really pep it up.Thanks for a fabulously simple idea!”

  • “What a great snack.These are addicting and the taste is not overwhelming.I had never eaten jicama before and wasn’t sure what to expect.It was a pleasant surprise.It did take some encouragement to get the guests to eat it though.Everyone said that they liked it.And yes, they do look like raw potatoes.I found that there was too much lime juice and I had to pour some out.This is such an easy snack/appetizer that I will be serving this again.”

  • “Very refreshing & yummy!!!!Maybe those that didn’t like it had a jicama that wasn’t all that fresh?We really enjoyed these – thanks Bergy!”

  • “Very common and tasty way to enjoy jicama, especially in the summer. I use chipotle chile powder, some salt, and a bit of sugar in addition to the lime juice on my sticks.The sweet and salty flavors balances the heat and acidity. I can eat these every day during the NM summers!Delish!”

  • “YUUM! I am addicted to these now! Sometimes I add some fresh orange slices and kiwi. The chili powder with the lime juice is wonderful together and I never pour off the extra lime juice I drink it! LOL”

  • “Thanks for adding your knowledge on how to choose these in your recipe description.I bought a really nice one. I really like the texture and the flavor.I added salt just before serving and it was excellent.I will be trying your Avocado & Jicama #70890 tomorrow for dinner.I am excited about the possibilities of what all can be done with one of these.It was the simplicity of this recipe that finally convinced me to purchase one.”

  • “I made these for the surprise party I threw for my sister. None of our guests, including my DH knew what the heck it was but once they tried it, they loved it! Jicama is so refreshing, and the lime and chili added some nice flavour and heat. Thanks for another great and simple recipe Bergy.”

  • “Tasty tasty tasty!!!!And so easy to make!Gotta work on my presentation a bit as several people thought that they were cold french fries — once they tasted them, they loved em though! thanks”

  • “Fantastic!I had this for the first time a couple of years ago.The only change I’ve made is that I do not drain the lime juice off.I liked some of the ideas from other reviewers of additional spices or a touch of sugar.I’ll try that next time.I’ve read in the past that the smaller the jicama the sweeter and I know when they’re bigger they start to get woody so I always buy the smallest ones I can find.Thanks for posting, Bergy, I have this all the time.”

  • “TIPS ON BUYING JICAMA.For those that didn’t like the taste of jicama (and possibly had one that wasn’t fresh or was too large) here are some tips from the experts (from another site, not me).Choose a jicama that is firm to the touch with no soft spots or visual rot.Avoid jicama that is overly large since as it grows it begins to change sugar into starch and will have a woody taste.Locally grown fruit is usually better because it has a fairly short storage life (two to three weeks) in it’s natural form.”

  • “Yummy!Super simple and good.”

  • “Sorry, these were not for us. I do love jicama, but like this I felt like I was eating raw potatoes. Sorry Bergy! I am not giving stars because I don’t want to drag your rating down. :)”

  • “These weren’t for me. Too bad though because they sounded amazing. I think i’ll try it on apples because the jicama didn’t work out”

  • “The exact recipe I got from a local southwestern restaurant! Yummy!”

  • “Love this my mom always made this during the hot summer months- Last time I was in Mexico we had cucumber this way too.”

  • “Wonderful. Absolutely perfect little snack after I get home from work. Super crunchy, super satisfying, and super healthy alternative. I cut my sticks quite skinny to make it feel like there were more of them. I went really light on the chili powder at first and ended up putting quite a bit more after realizing how flavorful the chili powder was on the jicama. Really great! Thanks for posting such a simple recipe that I would have never thought of!”