July Preview with Makeup Guru Deanna Hagan

Ever wondered about a makeup artist’s best-kept secrets? Well, you’re in luck. Get insider tips and tricks from Deanna Hagan, the beauty expert behind our July Catalog. 

Deanna Hagan is an artist — eyeshadow and lipsticks her medium, faces her canvas. While her magic touch and flawless creations have graced the covers of Free People catalogs for years, we felt it due time to talk to her here. Revel in her expert beauty advice via a revealing Q&A below.

What piece of makeup can you not live without?

Oh goodness, one is so hard…so, a good moisturizer because beautiful skin is the only proper beginning to makeup! And second would be a brow groomer — eyebrows shape the face.

Statement eye or lip? 

An eye because you can say so much more with the eyes (wink).

What’s a tip you would recommend to make skin glow? 

Drink loads of water, eat good fresh produce (obviously) and exfoliate. If you don’t have an exfoliating wash you like, a good face massage with your hands using tepid water is wonderful, too. Follow with a moisturizer that your skin agrees with.

How do you achieve the perfect brow?

Start slow and back up periodically from the mirror. Fill with a lighter brow color, using a pencil or powder as needed, and then brush the hairs into place. I love brow pomades. Also remember that no two brows are alike, and that’s more interesting than obsessing over perfection.

What makeup trends do you stand behind?

Minimalist. I think choosing one feature to highlight is beautiful and celebrates the beauty in all of us.


+ Keep an eye out for the July catalog hitting the site soon! 

Photos by Jana

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