Kool-Aid Play Dough

Kool-Aid Play Dough

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Yield: 1batch dough
  • About This Recipe

    “I used to make this for my daughters when they were little. It’s non-toxic and the gunk washes out easily. Adults have just as much fun, if not more.”


  • 2 1/2 cupsflour
  • 1/2 cupsalt
  • 2 (4g) packages unsweetened Kool-Aid powdered drink mix
  • 2cupsboiling water
  • 3tablespoonsoil
  • Directions

  • Mix flour, salt, Kool-Aid until blended.
  • Add oil to boiling water, mix with spoon until cool enough to knead.
  • Continue kneading until color is blended.
  • Store in air tight bag or container in the refrigerator.
  • Reviews

  • “I used this recipe for years when I taught pre-school, with one addition–add 4 teaspoons cream of tartar with the other dry ingredients.Excellent texture–better than store-bought and the kids love the smell from the kool-aid.”

  • “It was a yucky, cold, rainy day today and my three year old was driving me crazy.I pulled out this recipe and made it with her.This is so easy and my daughter had much more fun playing with this.Not to mention this smells sooo much better.My daughter already wants to make another batch. I need to keep this recope handy, it’s a life saver. Thanks”

  • “What a lifesaver!My kids love to play with playdough but I can’t stand the smell.This was fun to make and even made the house smell good.Thanks so much!!!”

  • “This is a great recipe! I whipped this up in my Kitchen Aid mixer in no time flat. It wasn’t until it cooled down that it had the consistency of the play-do we grew up with. This is alot more fun than using food coloring. Thanks so much…”

  • “Absolutely fabulous!My two boys love playing with it. (They are 3 and 1 1/2).Easy to make and inexpensive.Much better texture and odour than that store-bought stuff.”

  • “This recipe was perfect! I made 6 different colors in half batches because I was afraid a full batch would be too much of one color. The only color that didn’t work was the blue. I could not find blue or green drink mix so I thought trying it out with food coloring would work…it didn’t(came out as one really sticky, icky mess). BUT I did add yellow food coloring to the lemonade batch because it looked blah and it came out great. Clean-up from making it was super-easy as it just washes right off! The smell is heavenly, too! Another plus…it cost me around $5 for all the ingredients! My daughter likes to make things from playdough and let them dry to keep, so getting her more to play with will be so much cheaper now! My hands still smell of the grape batch…best recipe I’ve ever made!”

  • “This provided hours of fun my kids and they loved the smell.Will definitely keep this recipe on hand for those rainy days!!!”

  • “Had my nieces with me this weekend and thought I would have them make this for fun. It turned out great. I am glad I was able to use up my kool-aid because my children won’t drink it. LOL I did add the cream of tarter as suggested by one reviewer.”

  • “This is “FUN”!! I love the colour(made this using Black Cherry Kool-aid) and texture of this once it cools down. Smells good, too! The kids I gave it to had a ball! Thank you for the recipe:)”

  • “I absolutely love this recipe. It’s easy and the clean up is easy as well. It seems that every flavor we used turned out a slightly sticky dough except for the blue lemonade that the kids wouldn’t drink. I haven’t decided if it was because the blue lemonade was name brand or if it was the only lemonade kind we used.”

  • “this was a great help =) one rainy day had to find something for my 4 daughters to be occupied with =)=)=)”

  • “this recipe was great, all the other ones called for cream of tarter which i didnt have and i didnt have vinegar so i tried this one. came out great little sticky so at the end when i couldnt use the spoon any more i put a little more salt on top and a little more flour and that did the job! ! no problems! right in the plastic ziploc it went! cant wait to see the expression on my sons face!”

  • “This was so easy to make and the kid loves it! Thanks!”

  • “Wow- I needed something for my toddler to do, so I looked up this recipe and he has now been occupied for 30 minutes straight!I only had one packet of kool-aid on hand (berry blue to be exact), but it was just fine! Just turned a light blue color and smelled lightly fruity. Thanks so much for such a quick recipe!”

  • “Great easy recipe.We had everything in the pantry except Kool-Aid.So much fun, great Mathmatical Concepts lesson!”

  • “Thanks for a great recipe.I had this made in five minutes.So simple…the kids will love it.”

  • “Awesome playdough!Great texture, pleasent smell, lots of fun.Incredibly simple to make.”

  • “I followed the recipe exactly, adding 4 tsp of cream of tartar as suggested by another review.It was a cinch and only took about 10 minutes.I did use bleached flour, and I also tripled the recipe.I heated the water to a whistling boil in my tea kettle and that worked perfectly.All the water got soaked up and it kneaded all the lumps out.Such fun!”

  • “Great fun! I’ve made this several times with my son.He loves watching the colors pop when you add the water.A few hints: Use BLEACHED white flour for the best colors.Make sure your water is really boiling or it won’t “cook” right and it won’t absorb the water correctly.”

  • “I decided to make this in my KA and since I read one review that said the dough was too sticky, I have had this problem in the past so I slowly added the hot water and found that it only needed one cup… It did turn out great, my kids are enjoying it right now, just wondering if the recipe has a typo…Update…got really gooey after it sat for a week or so, it was good when I needed it, but wasn’t good to keep.”