Ladder Yarn Necklace, Teal, Lime Green, Silver, Light Pink and Maroon Crocheted Ribbon Necklace, Fiber Jewelry (Ready to Ship) by KountryKreations2008

5,95 USD

You are viewing a Ladder Yarn Necklace, Teal, Lime Green, Silver, Light Pink and Maroon ribbon Pendant, Crocheted Ribbon Locket, Fiber Fashion jewelry (All set to Ship) it is hand crocheted utilizing trellis ladder ribbon yarn.

So quite! And so now! What an enjoyable method to spruce up your appearance! This locket will complement various clothing. To adjust all you require to do is moved the bead on the back of the locket. So mother and child can match. It is light weight enough to wear all day.

The ladder yarn utilized in this locket is a teal, lime green, silver, light pink and maroon color. There is a gleaming black with silver fiber interwoven that creates a sparkling shimmering impact, as though there are tiny gems in the yarn. Extremely subtle. Simply enough to catch the light on any day. This is a great method to add a little color and accentuate your face. They are very universal and looks excellent on everyone! This pendant will look remarkable anytime of the year.

The Ladder Yarn Necklaces are incredibly lightweight. You do not even observe you are using them up until they receive admiring looks and compliments. The resemble beads or jewels but are as light as a plume.

The perfect addition to build a little color to your outfit, whether night gown or the t-shirt with denims.

The necklace likewise makes an excellent gift for any occasion.

They are hand washable on on cold lay flat to dry.

Please write me an e-mail if you would like to discuss a special order in various colors or in a various size.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time and thank you so much for making the effort to take a look at my site.

Always from my smoke free animal complimentary environment.

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