Laguna Agate Cabochon (AGT0428) by rondmil50

25,00 USD

Laguna Agate Cabochon

This totally free kind cabochon procedures 57mm x 40mm x 3mm; weighs 13 grams

Gorgeous cut and polished Laguna Agate. The product is a renowneded Agate out of Mexico. It has actually been called Agua Nueva Agate, though the colors are normally the exact same with the beautiful banding of the agate. In this case light tan through reds and lite pinks and browns.

Realities about Laguna Agate’s.

Laguna agates are from the Sierra San Martin, the hillsides above the almost abandoned town of Ejido Ojo Laguna, north of Ciudad Chihuahua, Mexico. These true Laguna’s are the most well-known of the colorful banded nodular agates of Northern Mexico. Some of the better recognized claims are Conejeros, Macedonio, San Martin, Alianza, Diana, Mezquite, and El Puerto. In earlier times a wide range of agate blemishes from the State of Chihuahua were sold blended with these real Laguna’s, consisting of those from the Sierra Gallego just to the north which consists of Ranchos San Gregorio, Agua Nueva and Coyamito. Moctezuma agates occur just to the north of this location and were most likely consisted of as well. I have no idea if agates from as far as Apache, Casas Grandes or Parcelas may have shown up in these sacks. At this time few knew or appreciated such distinctions.

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