Large Twisted Blue Footed Anal Plug by Ttamage

60,00 USD

Cobalt blue and caramel speckles are twisted up on the within to make a spiral. Handmade by yours really with pride in the Pacific Northwest out of strong borosilicate glass. The split base design has come a long way is shaped to perfection and is created to fit in between your butt cheeks, so the base of this piece is less obtrusive. Easy to clean up, warm soapy water and rinse. Warm up in water or cool down in cold for additional experiences

This plug is 5 & quot; & quot; long, 1 3/4 & quot; large on the knob, the & quot; 7/8 & quot; wide on the shaft, and the base is 3 1/4 & quot; broad. Likewise the piece weighs 9.1 oz.

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