Large VINTAGE STAINLESS Thermos JUG by orangedoorvintage

35,00 USD


REALITY: I'' d never ever seen anything like this 8 qt. stainless thermal jug. Love the industrial appearance, the thermal seal on the lid, the spigot, and the handle. All in good working condition. Perfect for a yard party or a camp out. This jug is identified NSF, NATIONAL SANITARY FOUNDATION SCREENING LABORATORY, DO NOT USE FOR MILK PRODUCTS.It ' s clean, practical, extremely appealing as industrial decoration, and has just a couple of minor dents.Made by Carollton Mfg. Co. in USA.FICTION: Lunch at the screening laboratories snack bar was a relatively regular event, with great deals of sandwiches and cookies and milk. But, upstairs, in the VIP lounge there was delicacy, spiked lemonade in big stainless-steel jugs, and people acting like teenagers out of control. Можно приобрести на Etsy за orangedoorvintage