Lemonade Pie (No Bake)

Lemonade Pie (No Bake)

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 24 hrs 10 mins
  • Serves: 8,Yield: 1pie
  • About This Recipe

    “Very lemon taste.My husband likes the flavor.”


  • 1 (6ounce) cans frozen lemonade
  • 1 (14ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 (8ounce) containers Cool Whip
  • 1graham cracker crust( I buy this all ready made)
  • Directions

  • Use mixer and mix the first three ingredients until fluffy.
  • Pour into ready made crust.
  • Refrigerate until firm. I let it set overnight.
  • This can also be made with limeade and/or chocolate cookie crusts.
  • Reviews

  • “This is cool and refreshing.Really pretty with pink lemonade.”

  • “This is good and beyond easy.I swirled some chocolate sauce over the top for decoration and another taste dimention.It was a little runny so next time I will put it in the freezer a half hour before serving.Excellent simple and good recipe.Thank you.”

  • “This is too sweet for me.I like my lemon more tart.”

  • “Yum – I’ve made this twice now, once with regular lemonade and once with pink lemonade.I add a little food coloring to make it look pretty.I always double the recipe since my lemonade comes in 12 oz containers and freeze the extra pie.”

  • “I made this today and it is delish!!! Some posted that it doesn’t set or is too lemony, however it calls for one 6 oz can of frozen lemonade, most cans are 12 oz, so make sure to only use half! Mine set after 3 hrs and it was perfectly lemony, creamy, sweet delishiousness!”

  • “I bought all the ingredients and read the reviews from other people who had tried it and it did not turn out at all. It was watery, so I placed it in the freezer and it stilldid not turn out. I tasted it and it tasted really good just did not set up at all.”

  • “Great simple recipe.We like it better forzen than refrigerated.”

  • “Very easy, ready for fridge in minutes….delicious!”

  • “This is just as the title warns….very lemony.I love lemon flavor, but this turned out to be way too much for me and my family.I will definately make again, but will use less frozen lemonade.Thanks for a great new recipe though.”

  • “I’ve got this same recipe in my handwritten cookbook! I had to review it so it will go into my online cookbook! This is the easiest lemon pie and is so refreshing. Tastes kind of like cheesecake. I make this alot in the summertime! I’m glad I searched before posting… thanks for sharing this! Straight into my cookbook it goes. *keeper* ~V”

  • “My mom has been making this pie for many years–always a family favorite!!!”

  • “I tried it and it is good but doesn’t set well.It is VERY lemony so you have to be sure you love the lemon before you delve into this tasty sweet n’ sour treat.I made it yesterday afternoon around 1:00 p.m. and this morning I pulled it out of the refrigerator and it still wasn’t set.So I put it in the freezer before leaving for work so should be set when I go home for lunch.I think it will be good with frozen pineapple juice and limeade as well, so I look forward to trying that.I also plan to experiment making it once more with only 3/4 cup of the frozen lemonade.If it still takes a long time to set (more than 3 to 4 hours) then I will go back to my way of making it where I include cream cheese.All in all a great pie.Thanks for posting!”

  • “This was pie is wonderful!So easy, so quick … so quickly gone, too! I used a ready made shortbread pie crust instead of the graham cracker and the flavors blended perfectly. My pies set up pretty well, perhaps blending the sweetened condensed milk with the lemonade first and then adding the cool-whip made a difference. Or perhaps it was the store-brand sw/c milk? Irecommend this pie highly! Two forks up!”

  • “Easy as pie and just as delicious. Great make-ahead dessert.”

  • “This was very good and very easy!It just would not get thick for me.It was runny, but nobody seemed to care.It went very fast!Thank you!”

  • “A quick pie but not what I could say was a 5 star. I would try it next time with fresh lemon juice maybe it would be a 5 star then. A good easy pie.”

  • “Great pie-and easy to boot. I put it in the freezer to set because even overnight it was a tad bit runny , but no problem because my dh and boys liked it frozen. Thanks for a great summer pie recipe .I plan on bringing it to abarbecue next weekend!”

  • “Lovely pie! Refreshing and oh so easy too. Thanks Denise.”

  • “I make this exact recipe and am glad that you posted it.I also make it using frozen limeaide instead of lemonaide and it’s just as good.Almost tastes like key lime pie.Great dessert on a hot summer day.”