Linden Moon – Solid Perfume Inspired by Gathering Linden Flowers by Moonlight- .25 oz tin by PhoenixBotanicals

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Linden Moon Solid Perfume

A decadent scent composition checking out the flowering Linden. This sensuous, dreamy blend is complete of Summertime’s heat and changes beautifully on the skin. From the citrusy call-hither to the pollen-rich miasma beneath the branches, the dry, tannic leaves and wood, to the heady inhalation of the juicy, nectar filled blooms. Settles into a lush, woodsy, radiant flower.

Inspired by collecting Linden flowers by moonlight. The late blooming trees with plumper flowers have a jasmine-y note that seems to shine brightest in the evening.

Lindens (Tilia sp.) Flower around Summer Solstice. In European lore they are the ‘tree of lovers’ and associated with the Faeries!
Aromatherapy benefits consist of: deeply soothing and comforting to the nerves, state of mind uplifting and aphrodisiac.

Notes: Citrus accord, Elemi, Linden, Jasmine, Vetiver, Patchouli, Woods.

Our solid perfumes are mixed with natural plant essences and infused botanicals, in a base of natural jojoba and regional beeswax.
Use on pulse points such as the wrists and neck, bring along for anytime aromatherapy and scent journey. Your solid perfume tin arrives in a fitted velveteen pouch, great for travel!

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This is fantastic in beeswax strong type, and very travel friendly!

An Extremely nice fragrance.

amazing products, odor so gorgeous, and I’m utilizing them everyday! will certainly be back

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