Little Mermaid Inspired Part of Your World Sign by pumpkinbeans

1,50 USD This is a digital declare a 8×10 PDF indication.

You will receive a PDF to print.< br/ > Once you have purchased the design you will get an e-mail with the digital file.

Just print

and frame.< br/ > The file can be printed at any copy shop (Kinko’s, Office Depot, Staples). Just put the PDF on a flash drive or CD disc and require to a regional copy shop. You can likewise print in your home.

TERMS OF USAGE- < br/ > I’ll keep it quite basic, you can utilize my developments for anything you RECREATE and do not utilize the original print. Please do not give away for complimentary on your blog site or resale this initial copy.

Можно buy on Etsy for pumpkinbeans