Lopunny Oval Pendant by BlackManaBurning

11,50 USD

Lopunny, the fluffy bunny Pokemon, has actually grown and trained with you all its life, and all of a sudden has developed from its previous kind! It is all thanks to your friendship and caring for one another; may your days as its trainer never ever end!

Lopunny enhances a lovely handmade pendant, made from … a Trading Card! A gorgeous glass dome shimmers over its head, and the charm has to do with 1 & quot; & quot; x1.5 & quot; in diameter.

I can make it into a pendant – I have Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Raspberry Red, Brown, Light Orange, Orange, Yellow, Golden-Yellow, Neon Green, Forest Environment-friendly, Olive Eco-friendly, Ice Blue, Aqua, Navy Blue, Amethyst, Violet, White, Grey, and Black cord or cord (with or without ribbon) necklaces 18 & quot; & quot; long, or silver round chain in either 22 & quot;& quot;, or 19 & quot; & quot; * The 19 & quot; would be good for layering with a second 22 & quot; & quot; necklace, or would fit a younger kid ^ ^ – a mobile phone charm – black, pink, red, yellow, brown, lime green, silver, and white – or a silver metal keychain – whatever you specify ♥
* Product above visualized on a 22 & quot; & quot; silver ball chain locket, which it will certainly be sent out on if no other demand is left at time of purchase *

If there is a character that you would such as a pendant of, I still have LOADS of cards – So, do not hesitate to make a demand ^ ^

Even if I do not have the card you are looking for, I am certain that we could work something out in terms of me getting one to utilize.

The listing rate is for ONE pendant, either imagined here, or special demand.

If you buy in bulk or ask for a commission of a character, we can absolutely work out an offer on things like shipping, and total cost ♪


can be purchased at Etsy for BlackManaBurning