Lunar Apothecary – a FULL YEAR of Magickal & Medicinal Herbology – eCourse for Womyn / Women – Herbalism, Magick, Ritual, Adventure, Moon by wortsandcunning

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☾ ◇ FROM THE HERBOLOGIST ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇< br/ > I feel grateful and awe-struck to be able to put this exercise into the world and to welcome so numerous gorgeous and clever souls into a circle of knowing and magick! I have actually developed the course that I was searching for years ago -. A location to dig deep into the world of herbology, relish secret, take pleasure in our ability to recover, and accept the magic of our lives and worlds

the circle is forming, the web is singing, and the Moon is calling our names …

< br/ > I intend to see you at the Lunar

Apothecary! < br/ > ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇ tHE LUNAR APOTHECARY

◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇< br/ > the Lunar Apothecary is for the brave, the odd, the curious, the moongazers, and midnight garden enthusiasts. Come if you are all set to experience a world of Moon medication and magick, where we seek to know “As Above, So Listed below” in our herbal practice. If you are drawn to live your life by the speed of Lunar tide, recognizing your inner changes with the altering face of the moon – come fulfill us in the garden at midnight. If you want to learn how to make herbal treatments and formulations both medical and magickal – join our circle. If you are intrigued by the world of medical astrology and its crucial legacy in Western Herbalism -. Sit down for a cup of moon-blessed tea with us

We have area for you, creative good friend, if you’re ready to address the call.

< br/ > Expect to deal with lunar plants in new ways, integrating the written and spoken word to better understand the influence of the Moon in your life, natural practice, and medication- making.

< br/ > Expect to discover in a method that acknowledges enchantment as a tool of recovery. Whether crafting charms or developing tinctures, both are offered equivalent reverence and attention.

< br/ > Expect to change and shift, opening yourself as much as the cleaning and thoughtful power of lunar herbology.

< br/ > Anticipate to embrace all that is dark and gorgeous, night-filled and starry, to totally experience the abundant spectrum of a life lived not just for the intense expanse of day, however the recovery mantle of night.

the Moon is rising -are you prepared to join our circle

< br/ > Evaluation from a pleased Luna: & quot; I am positively overwhelmed with the details and knowledge conveyed in LA … I am just in week 1? and my mind is blown. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. If you are questioning if this is the ideal location for you, state yes. I’m so grateful I did.:-RRB- & Quot;

< br/ > ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇ INFORMATION ◇

☾ ◇ ☾ ◇ ☾ ◇< br/ > The Lunar Apothecary is a twelve month ecourse for ☾ womyn ☾ composed of HUNDREDS of pages of motivating newsletters, pdf books, hand-drawn goodies, and directed meditations about organic medication and magick. You’ll be welcomed to sign up with a special online circle with your fellow Lunar apothecarians and I’ll be present to respond to concerns and provide weekly guidance. By the end of the course you’ll know ways to stream with lunar rhythms, develop custom-tailored organic treatments and charms, and have a deeper understanding of your practice as an herbalist.

The course costs only a little over$ 10 a month for access to an ever-growing library of natural learning!

◇ Access to a private learning neighborhood including classroom online forums and spaces to link with your fellow students!
◇ Lunar Materia Medica
◇ ◇ ◇ A growing collection of thorough plant profiles
◇ Moonlight: The Lunar Apothecary Newsletter
◇ ◇ ◇ A bi-monthly, full of Lunar and natural motivation for the coming month and assistance about the present moon phase
◇ Guided Journal Exercises
◇ Lunar Plant Profiles ◇ the Mansions of the Moon Guide
◇ ◇ ◇ Checking out the ancient Lunar horoscope
◇ the Celestial Wheel: the Moon + the Zodiac
◇ ◇ ◇ Exploring the twelve signs of the zodiac and lunar herbology
◇ the Lunar Compass: Nightly + Month-to-month Calendar
◇ Herbal Moon Rituals, Amulets, & Charms ◇ Medicine-Making Tutorials
◇ ◇ ◇ Teas ◇ ◇ ◇ Extracts ◇ ◇ ◇ Flower, Gem,+Moon Essences ◇ ◇ ◇ Lunar Dreaming
◇ ◇ ◇ Standard Lunar Aromatherapy ◇ ◇ ◇ The Basics of Solution
◇ ◇ ◇ The Art of Herbal Powders ◇ ◇ ◇ The Art of Magickal Herbalism
◇ ◇ ◇ The Art of Elixirs ◇ ◇ ◇ The Art of Ritual
◇ Directed Moon Meditations
◇ ◇ ◇ 5 audio recordings of directed meditations consisting of developing your very own sacred lunar area + conference your lunar plant ally
◇ Moonrite: Creating Nightly, Weekly, and Monthly Lunar Rituals + Celebrations
◇ ◇ ◇ Developing a Lunar spiritual practice on your own and your neighborhood, including a guide for hosting Moon Tent Revivals filled with natural magick + medicine!
◇ Growing + Collecting Plants by the Moon Illustrated Chart

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BENEFITS! ☆ ☆ ☆ ◇ NEW PRODUCT ROUTINELY! The Lunar Apothecary is continuously upgraded with exclusive learning material for you to take pleasure in.
◇ Online call-in classes + class recordings from subjects ranging from creating your own custom-made trance elixirs to building an inclusive natural practice.
◇ aLL my ebooks formerly and to-be released will be readily available for free to all Lunar Apothecary members.
◇ A Guide to Seasonal Lunar Tonics
◇ Community Medicine-Making Challenges
◇ Access to our yearly! Solstice Swap
◇ All the materials from the Lunar Apothecary are yours to keep and use and learn from and love permanently

Start Date:. Today! When you register within 1 -. 3 company days you will be sent out an invite to our private knowing circle and can begin the course

Non-refundable purchase. During checkout PLEASE INCLUDE THE EMAIL ADDRESS you want to utilize for the course in the & quot; & quot; Notes to Seller & quot; & quot; area. By signing up with the Lunar Apothecary you consent to our spiritual community and membership standards: ☆ HOW DO YOU SPECIFY wOMYN? ☆
We do not -you do! The Lunar Apothecary is a womyn’s only area. You identify your very own gender and we are trans-inclusive. If you identify as a womyn/ female/ wemoon you are extremely, very welcome to join our circle < br/ > ☆ ☆ ☆ PRAISE FOR THE LUNAR APOTHECARY ☆ ☆ ☆ < br/ > & quot; I have actually desired to buy Lunar Apothecary subscription for over a year, and I am SO GLAD I was lastly able to do so. It is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be, AND MORE & quot.; -Heather< br/ > & quot; LOVE The Lunar Apothecary & quot;
& quot; & quot; What can I spoken.? This class is changing my life. I am
& quot; more in tune with the moon’s cycles, I am discovering a lot about astrology and herbs. I feel magickal & quot;.< br/ > & Quot; I am positively overwhelmed with the information & quot;and understanding conveyed in LA … I am only in week 1, and my mind is blown. This is precisely what I have actually been trying to find. If you are questioning if this is the right location for you, state yes. I’m so grateful I did.:-RRB- & Quot; & quot; Exactly what can one state about such an exceptional/ terrific/ magical thing

& quot;/ course/ location/ state of mind? Thanks a million PLUS ONE for arranging and assembling such a great quantity of work and study into one marvelous whole! We are all so much better for it. Blessings, dear Luna:-RRB- & quot;< br/ > & quot; Remarkable. A lot thought and energy was put into the class. & quot;

& quot; It must quickly be cost $300 rather & quot;. & Quot; Such an amazing course, Alexis put a lot love, & quot;art, details and knowledge in this course. & Lt; 3 & quot;< br/ > & quot; Information beyond my wildest dreams & Lt; !!! & quot

& quot;; & quot; Wow! What a wide variety of
& quot; info! Thank you so much for permitting me into your library!:-RRB- This is fantastic and really motivating … & quot; & quot; 6 weeks in, and & quot;

& quot; all I can state is this program is worth triple its rate. Chocked full of incredible detail, folklore, clever dishes, amazing meditations, and more mystical and astrological understanding than you can shake a stick at. Simply incredible & quot;&

& Quot; quot;. & Quot; The Lunar Apothecary is the most unbelievably detailed, comprehensive resource I might perhaps think of. 12 weeks is no joke – there suffices product here to keep me pleased for several years to come! I enjoy losing myself in the pages upon pages of Alexis’ lovely words and hand-drawn accessories. A wonderful powerhouse & quot;&

& Quot; quot;. & Quot; METHOD more value than exactly what was paid. This female has influenced course work and is such a contribution to us newbies who are simply starting in our exploration of natural understanding. Thank you & quot;&

& Quot; quot;! & Quot; Really comprehensive course and an active online forum that features it. I actually enjoy being part of it & quot;&

& Quot; quot;! & Quot; This course has an amazing wealth of details! I am enjoying it very much and slowly working my way through. I was surprised by just how much important details is here. It is clear that it is a labour of love the method it was developed and put together. I extremely suggest it! Fantastic course! Magnificently created & quot;&

& Quot; quot;! & Quot; Absolutely INCREDIBLE e-course!!!!! So really interesting and educational, and enjoyable!!! I’m amazed at the work that entered into this!! & quot;

& quot; & quot;< br/ > & quot; A lot if information for the rate this is well worth every cent & quot;&

& Quot; quot;! & Quot; LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! There is so much information here, I am learning so much. I want I could just sit and read everything all day long. Unfortunately, I can not. However this is an AMAZING course & quot;&

& Quot; quot;! < br/ >< br/ > & Quot; Remarkable e-course! I would advise it to anyone needing to know more about lunar magic, routine, and herbal usages/ properties & quot;&

& Quot; quot;!< br/ > & Quot; This course is fantastic. I have actually discovered so much and now have rhythm to my medicine making & quot;&

& Quot; quot;.< br/ > & Quot; It is an AMAZING course.

& Quot; Highly advise & quot;. & Quot; Excellent
& Quot;. Amazing. Fabulous eCourse & quot;!< br/ > & Quot; The Apothecary is absolutely terrific up until now! So much love and effort entered into this class and you can actually inform. Alexis has a true enthusiasm for exactly what she does and it shines through in all the lessons. I can not get enough of this class & quot;&

& Quot; quot;! < br/ >< br/ > & Quot; So far so great! I think this course is going to be amazing. Any opportunity to discover a few of Alexis’ wisdom must be gotten with both hands & quot;

& quot; & quot; & quot; Loving the course so far, maintain the & quot;

& quot; great:-RRB- & quot;
& quot; & quot; Remarkable course & quot;! & quot;

& quot; Excellent course, fast delivery. Thank you & quot; & quot; Fantastic course! I can inform alot of care and effort entered into making this. She actually knows her stuff.:-RRB- & Quot;

& quot; & quot; Wonderful, terrific course!!! & quot;

& quot; & quot; & quot; love this class, a lot amazing details & quot;

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