Map Of Middle Earth Refillable Lighter by stellarcustomimages

25,00 USD MAKES A GREAT PRESENT! This is a brand new windproof, fluid STYLE flip top lighter. It
is a refillable, silver chrome or black high quality lighter. It works on routine lighter fluid. The lighter comes boxed.
The process I utilize is not found anywhere else. Not wrapped, not vinyl, not paper cloth or Mod Podge or your normal epoxy, engraved or any of the

other ones you see for sale anywhere. I spent years perfecting the procedure. Do not be fooled by items made in factories. All of my items are

handcrafted custom pieces. Shiny and resilient it will last for years.The image is covered in a heavy waterproof special epoxy kind of resin as seen

< br/ > by the shadowing in the photo images. This is NOT an inexpensive stick on sticker, this is superior HIGH QUALITY artwork.
The image is a vivid color high quality graphic production. I guarantee my product.
100 % Fulfillment Guaranteed!
If you have any questions at all please call me. Since I make all of the lighters separately by hand it can take a couple of days to have it

made and ready for shipment. If you require it by a particular date please let me know and I will accommodate it if I can.

***** If you desire more than one or would like several different designs please contact me and I will work out an unique price for you.

***** If you have an unique design you desire done please call me and I will have it done for you. I love to do custom-made work.

The lighter is delivered without fluid as per postal regulations.
If you have any concerns at all please discussion me or email me. If your thinking about a coordinating cigarette case convo me and let me understand

< br/ > and i can offer you the details

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