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& quot; 29,50 USD & quot; Light up & quot; your day with this special light bulb aquarium with a contemporary rectangular genuine wood piece supporting underneath. It can just be a house table decoration, a sculpture that does not take up too much space, an interactive centerpiece for occasions (e.g. wedding events, corporate events, birthday parties and so on), or a conversational workplace decor. It can also be a special present for those who have everything!

The wood base is a piece of sustainable genuine pine wood, which is FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) Licensed, implying the wood is gathered in an environmental-friendly and sustainable way. Please note that due to the nature of wood, colors will vary some from the one in the pictures.

Because the light bulb is separate from the wood base, you can move the light bulb to change its display screen angle in whatever method you like:-RRB-! It’s also very simple for you to change water by just removing the bulb from the base.

|||||||||Our Handmade Process|||||||||||
We repurposed and transformed a real light bulb into this fish tank vase by clearing the light parts out of the bulb carefully and securely. For the wood base, we obtained our wood from an FSC accredited forest, cut the wood piece into a rectangle-shaped shape, drilled a round hole, sanded the wood with care, stained it with 2 coats then polished it with 3 layers of gloss finish.

|< br/ > ****** ** This kit includes ********:(1 )Fresh live Marimo moss ball (s )at the amount you select (the size is comparable to the one in the images the glass magnifies it. some);
(2)A repurposed light bulb (about 4 inches tall from socket to bottom; the bulb has to do with 3 inches in diameter);
(3)A rectangular finished real wood base (about 3.5 “x 3 “x 0.75 “) to put the bulb on, as displayed in the Fifth pic. Colors may differ some due to the nature of wood;
(4 )Some natural sand;
(5)A Marimo care guideline sheet

< br/ > ****** In. order to secure the light bulb and Marimo ball (s), this product comes as a kit however it’s very simple to assemble it! An easy-to-follow assembly sheet will be consisted of.

This would likewise look fantastic with a number of Marimo balls in the water:-RRB- They can get along well and make great pals!

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========== =====|||Marimo Info|

|| Here’s some info about this Marimo animal. It’s a live green algae, which naturally forms an adorable round shape. It will grow bigger slowly in time. It gets its name from Mari implying & quot; & quot; ball & quot; in Japanese and & quot; mo & quot; indicating algae in Japanese. Japanese individuals think about Marimo ball as a National Treasure and believe that it will bring best of luck, so it’s incredibly popular in Japan. Also, in Iceland it is thought that if you take good care of Marimo ball, it will “make your wishes come true”.

One extremely intriguing reality about Marimo is that it sinks or floats freely due to its interaction with water and air. So if you see it float sometimes, that suggests it’s just having a good time with the nature!

There’s practically no upkeep for Marimo. All it needs is to be entirely under water and artificial light or indirect light! There is no requirement for what type of water you utilize. You can simply utilize tap water for it! You only have to alter water as soon as every 1-2 weeks. And it will grow slowly and happily:-RRB- It’s that simple! Just make certain not to drop your Marimo ball to the sink when you change water …

It’s enjoyable to observe this intriguing and strange Marimo ball, and to shake the vase gently to spin the Marimo ball around. This can assist it grow more uniformly and round!

Our Marimo balls are all extremely green, fresh and round! High quality ensured!
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