Masham wool locks for Spinning, Waldorf / Art Dolls, Blythe Re roots, Angels, needle felt & spinning.Hand dyed ‘Spring Bouquet’ colorway. by KnitwitOriginalsUK

14,80 GBP

Masham wool locks for Spinning, Waldorf/ Art Dolls, Blythe Re roots, Angels, needle felt & spinning.Hand colored ‘Spring Bouquet’ colorway.
Washed, dyed and separated 80gms wool locks from the most current Masham fleece. Super soft, really loose and fine.Over 12 & quot; & quot; long. I accomplished these fantastic shades with just the exhaust from a previous batch plus a little pink. Each lock is different and variegated throughout. Would spin into a sensational yarn. Fabulous hair for fairies, art dolls and Waldorf dolls.
May include a little plants.
*** Customers in Australia and New Zealand please note my wool locks are a prohibited import item ***

These gorgeous locks are a spinners and felters dream, excellent for textile work too. Will need hardly any prep work for spinning, flick carding is all they require. Fabulous for peg loom or tapestry weaving too.
My home is smoke free but I now have the occasional feline visitor.

I try & capture the true colours of my stock however sometimes the camera is unable to replicate the specific colours. Eco-friendlies, yellows and purples are really challenging!

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