Metal Ball Chain Necklaces ~ 60 Piece Colored Ball Chain ~ Assorted 2.4mm goth cut ball chain ~ Wholesale Economical ~ 24 Inch Length ~ DiY by SunAndMoonCraftKits

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Metal Ball Chain Necklaces ~ 60 Piece Colored Ball Chain ~ Assorted 2.4 mm goth cut ball chain ~ Wholesale Economical ~ 24 Inch Length ~ Do It Yourself

Beautiful Metal Colored Ball Chain Necklaces … Select any color combination …

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If you would like a particular mix of colors please choose & quot; & quot; Mix & quot; when examining out then send us a convo message here on Etsy and let us know the amount per color that you would like.

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These are brand-new to the collection right here at Sun And Moon Craft Kits. These are economical and exceptionally nice. Usage for your bottle cap lockets or on your favorite pendant. If you require a higher quantity kindly let me understand. Terrific Wholesale Rate …

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Economical Colored Plated Ball Chain Lockets with Connectors

These are the Numbers and Colors to select from …

1. Pink
2. Light Purple
3. Dark Purple
4. Deep Purple
5. Deep Blue
6. Silver
7. Yellow
8. Brown
9. Orange
10. Black
11. Gold
12. Light Veggie
13. Teal
14. Antique Veggie
15. Vintage Veggie
16. Brass
17. Gunmetal
18. Antique Bronze
19. Antique Copper

These lockets step:
24 & quot; & quot; Length
2.4 mm Diameter

You can easily shorten the length of these chains with a common pair of scissors.

These chains are really great and they’re the exact same chains that you’ll normally discover offering for much greater costs. We have a newer, better, and slightly more expensive design of ball chain necklace so we’re offering these specific lockets at an affordable cost.

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