Metallica Dots in Ice Green Pr. of Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads accent green gold metal polka dot earring BeatleBaby Maineteam SRA by beatlebabyglassworks

7,00 USD

Metallica in Ice Eco-friendly …

A brand-new design … These are Ice Green with golden metallic, mirror shine Polka dots. A simpler style but extremely smooth and enjoyable … I like them! They can be part of a more minimalist design or you can go all out and make them part of an extremely fancy display. Perfect for earrings!

COLORS: Ice Eco-friendly with Golden metallic polka dots

SIZE: approx. 10mm x 15mm

HOW MANY: 2 (one pair)

HOLE SIZE: 1/16 & quot;

& quot; * These are made to purchase

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